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1. Daredevil,

Hi Guys.

My name is Alex, I was that idiot who kept abusing the Administrations on here, well I was able to solve my problems with them and now I would like to seriously apologise to all of you who had been abused and hurt with my Crazy rant on here, the Forums.

This wasn't the time or place for what I've done and I know how hurt the Administrations faced, It took so many messages for us to deal with.

I hope you all can accept my apology (you don't have too if you're already pissed off) but hope that you all have the time of your lives on here and know that this place doesn't deserve players like me.

Administrations has kindly given me a second chance to redeme myself and hope to see you on the Playroom shortly.

Yours Sincerely, Alex.

2. mayya,

you see alex, remember what you have said last time, the administration does not give room to second chance? at the end you were wrong ^^

3. Daredevil,

I don't want to sound rude but I was the one who was having discussions with the Administrations and I'm not going into details what was said but they were the ones who did that.

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