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Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 44 Aminiel,

Running Android8 on a virtual machine

Sajad-Aliraqi 3 bloodsharp,

Bug with friends list.

Dayan 3 mhr91358,

Problem connecting to the playroom of Friday Feb 15th 2019

marina7 0 marina7,

Playroom should not show the tables of absent people by default

kumandan 7 ethan100,

Unknown Indian song

Giovani 0 Giovani,

Some information about ontoys

koochehhaayehdeltangi 1 Nikola,

German game descriptions missing

GianniZH 1 Aminiel,

chess tornoment

matinkh 0 matinkh,

chess tornoment

matinkh 3 matinkh,

Skype Forks

StormProductions 12 YNWA,

The Winner Of The Finald Round Of The Uno Tournament

Ramon-Salazar 2 Ramon-Salazar,


musiclover 24 BellaCat6666,

renaming bots

austen 4 YNWA,

(Implemented): Suggestion for spectator mode

Nikola 29 Fawaz,

Second round matches for uno tournament

Ramon-Salazar 5 Ramon-Salazar,

The Matchups For The First Round In The Uno Tournament

Ramon-Salazar 0 Ramon-Salazar,

Uno Tournament

Ramon-Salazar 19 Ramon-Salazar,

follow pr sites for latest topics which you couldn't read from the start

mhr91358 0 mhr91358,

A question about skype 8

the-raven 2 the-raven,

Beta testing

CathyAnne 3 Nikola,

Bug with reversi

Ferrumite 7 Flowerpot,

Bug related with account creation

Dayan 0 Dayan,

books of chess

elmago 1 soundarya,

Uno oppses

CathyAnne 14 YNWA,

Counting cards in Black Jack

Saniel_Morse 2 Saniel_Morse,

An Apple watch discussion

majoz 10 majoz,

Some translation issues

Nikola 0 Nikola,

I need help with dominoes.

jackpot1996 5 jackpot1996,

Bug in web client, probably before reported.

Jane 6 Aminiel,

Client crash in Scopa

Flowerpot 7 Aminiel,

Additional payment system for the game room.

facelessghost 5 YNWA,

Have you heard about a Team Talk server called Angels Clan?

shodan 86 Mayank,

Well, guys

CathyAnne 11 helleon,

Quiz party tournament

Redbox5 3 matinkh,

Expanding a table in general statistics

Nikola 4 Nikola,

Beta testing a game

CathyAnne 1 YNWA,

where could I get movies for blind people?

elmago 12 Wiam,

Five card draw Poker

darklord 0 darklord,

WebMoney, YandexMoney and Qiwi with PayPal

StormProductions 1 Vojvoda,

Changing my nickname

thorbr 16 YNWA,

Virtual money for QuentinC's Gameroom

StormProductions 16 facelessghost,

virtual audio cable not working 4 StormProductions,

An available fps

george 26 Vojvoda,

Spades, making bots smarter

Vojvoda 4 Vojvoda,

The winner of the end of the year Special Uno Tournament

Fawaz 7 YNWA,

Final 16 for the uno Tournament.

MagicalKrrish 26 Dayan,

Two new games for a great day

Aminiel 87 facelessghost,

next weeks farkle turniment

musiclover 0 musiclover,

bad bots, i'd like them to play well

tiny 6 StormProductions,

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