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1. tiny,

hi. in general this room tends to put more options in games and make them as enjoyable as possible. but for 99 it's the total opposite, surprisingly enough in rs the game is 1, so changeable in case of options. 2, quite more exciting. 3, with multiple players it's more great, because at the end of each round, just one person will lose a penni. but here playing multiple doesn't make sense, if somebody wants to play a bad card, for example play 10 when the total is 79, with a king or jack or queen other person will win the round, and all players have to lose a penni. lol. also cards there are kind of more interesting. for the final words i should really say without even a little doubt, rs made the best and brilliant thing on this one, i'm so wondering because i'm sure admin knows these things better than me, but also didn't make the game more exciting yet. i don't like to play 99 here, whenever i want to play that, i always go to rs to play that.

2. helleon,

I disagree entirely. RS's vsersion of most of the games is not half as good as Playroom, 99 included.

3. tiny,

go there and play 99. about the other games that's right, i don't like rs, but that game is just brilliant i'm sure you didn't play it. but if you did, there is no doubt that it's totally better, we shouldn't close our eyes intirely because we are fan of this room

4. Vojvoda ,

I did play there 99 and it was funny at the beginning because it's different than playroom version but it's ridiculous and for kids if you are enough objective. Oh wait, all games on RS are for kids actually.
Game where you can play card which is called 99 and win a round in a second must be a great game.

5. Lemonade,

Yeah. Sorry, but those kinds of rules simply don't appeal to me

6. tiny,

when i say something, i say it after deep looking to a game in perfect way. so, that game is not for kids at all. you might lose in a second because of bad luck. but you can also last with lots of good exciting defence cards. as i said i'm not a fan of rs but that game is another thing, the best luck game in rs which is totally better than the 99 that we have here. specially if you play with multiple players you can lose your pennies easily because as i said at the end of the round if someone wins all will lose. in luck games there is no reason to call a game bad even if you lose in a second. again, i said we can make some more options to the game those who like the new options can apply, those who don't like can play with the last options, so we can have 99 with QuentinC's style, and 99 with rs style. i'm waiting for admin to write his Fair comment on this. but maybe we can't have those rules here because of the coppyrighted rules. anyway, we should be Fair for rs for this time.

7. YNWA,

Is it the 1st of April? Most of RS's games treat people like children which I find patronising as it automatically tells you what you can play and only a couple of games like Apples to Apples where you have to think for yourself.

99 is much better here and yes some people can make mistakes leaving easier options but it does not automatically mean that their oponent has a 10 all of the time. The only very small mistake is it says you have lost two pennies and not two pence but apart from that I would leave the game like as it is. If you don't have much time and you want a quick game then 99 is the perfect game for you.

8. Aminiel,


Tastes and colors...

But because I'm curious about your remarks, I have had a quick look at RS 99 rules, and my answer is simple: it's kind of a simplification, made for quicker and less thinky game.
It's quite a big simplification in fact: you can't really play badly; you can't have any little strategy because all the cards are redealth as soon as the score is reached; you can't eliminate several players at once; there are no small win and losses, all are the same; etc.
In short, it's a simplified version with 80% of the fun removed as well, imo.

Computers and social networks are their to simplify our lives, yes; but they shouldn't treat us as children.
For a game to be fun, I think that you should still have the freedom to make a choice, and to make a bad choice.

One thing is sure though, I won't change anything to the rules on the playroom just because RS did something else.
That's my choice; that's their choice. We don't have the same credos.

If you prefer to become a press enter monkey, OK, that's your choice; not mine, and not where I want to bring the playroom.

9. tiny,

no. the options are totally changeable as i said. for example for that guy who said we lose in a second i should say you can even increase the cards, so surely you will have more cards to play, it means you will have more defence cards as well. as i said, we should look perfect and make a fair comment for this time, at least. now it's obvious that guy didn't have a perfect look to the game, otherwise he could know that, and wouldn't say we lose in a second

10. Fawaz,

if you like 99 at RS, just when you like to play 99 go there, why to ask to copy the game?
I prefer pr's version as well.
this is just an opinion you don't have to put up one of your pontifical comment like you alone talking right.
have fun.

11. Lemonade,

Yeah. I seem to recall not too long ago that you were arguing very strongly against certain suggestions because you thought the priority should go elsewhere... What's the difference in this case?

12. YNWA,

Oh lol, yes the game is so great in RS that when people have lost all their tokens they can leave the game and start again from the beginning. You just get the game master pausing the game so their friend can rejoin having refreshed their tokens to the same number they started with. True you can choose to have more than 3 cards to play with but the point of the game is to make your oponent have bad cards so they lose a penny or 2.

13. tiny,

yeah of course i'll go there and play 99 there, but i'd like players who like play on that way still stay here and play, and not go there. but anyway, i know i didn't say to coppy that, i said as of extra options. the reason was i wanted stay here. now, one thing is for sure that you all didn't make fair comments just tried to say that's the game for kids, enter and lose, that kind of thing. but that game is not like you described at all. maybe those comments that you made was because some kind of anti-rs overviews.

14. YNWA,

I did not say the game was for kids! I suggest you read what I said again! I said by making it clear what cards available by hearing a noise when you move on to the card automatically treated people like babies if you like. For example in Uno if red 1 was the playable card you would only have here a noise when you had reds or 1's in your hand. It does not let you work out for yourself what card needs to be played as it does in the PR. Sure it would not let you play say a yellow 4 after a red 1 which is fine. I felt that strategy patronises people.

15. helleon,

@ynwa I know this is totally off topic in one sense, but is 2 pennies actually wrong? I would've thought, if you're not talking in a monetary sense that 2 pennies was acceptable.

16. tiny,

alright, hold your horses, my reply includes whoever tried to say that, but about what you said i should point that i don't say rs is great, i don't say i'm one of the fans of that platform, but i'm just fan of that 99 game there, and as i said i'll go play there for me it's not a problem to just go there and play. now, you talked about pausing thing. that's not good for us to join in all games there between rounds, not just for 99. and about the sound again i agree with that and many other bad things that rs has, but i'm just talking about 99 and saying its options are totally changeable, which is what we expected from this room and happened already in many games, but not for this one. and so it's the exact opposite with rs. sometimes maybe if we change a game like this, maybe we fall off in our anti-rs talkings. if we do that maybe we kind of worried of some people say o they always talking negative about rs, but now they made their game like them. so then, yes, they have their choice and also we, have our unchangeable choice about this. maybe if rs didn't apply these options and i would suggest, some of them would applied.

Latest edition by tiny, Aug 4 2019 16:44:06

17. YNWA,

No you can have it 1P, 2p, 3p,or 1/one penny or two pence or even tuppence as in the song of Mary poppins. Feed the bird tuppence a bag as the song goes but don't ask me to sing it.

18. wolfi,

everytime i miss my middle school days, i just come and read the forums for 5 minutes, then i hae myself for missing those days, :d

19. tiny,

sometimes eliminating players can be annoying because they wouldn't have much time or opportunities to play their cards, and defence. adding or not adding additional options is quite alright, but we should see the truth and not make anti-rs comments when a game is cool. it's not that simple, this 99 and that 99 are kind of a luck game with some strategy. it's not just pressing enter, enter and lose, kid's game or something. specially if you increase the cards. the default options are not good at all, they need to be changed to make a good game. now obviously players can play there or play here. i play 99 there, but play rummy just here. their rummy is kind of boaring.

Latest edition by tiny, Aug 5 2019 16:12:20

20. YNWA,

I do like their rummy as it is good for teaching the basics but like the different options the PR does offer now.

21. facelessghost,

Hello world!
I'll say the following!
There are things that can be realized in the playing room.
but if the games that are in rs implement here, will there be some difference?
yes, it will be optional, but will it make sense to play here?
I believe that the playroom should remain individual.

22. tiny,

whether or not, just about this game nothing will happen. but anyway, as i said, we can just play the games that we like here, and the games that we like, for me just 99, there.

23. Adventure-Time,

Exactly. I've tried both versions of 99 and both games work for me as I'm a very simple and childish person. :) Though I don't mean to devaluate RS. I guess playing there once in a while with a bunch of friends feels allright. But playing their 99 or any of the games every day feels to me like a huge waste of time. Hence I really like playroom as it is. I appreciate it. Losing time & procrastinating just the same way, but it definitely feels more interesting. :D Thanks for all the games and work.

24. tiny,

i think adding a game not exactly that, but like that could be fine. it's certainly much better than farkle for example. and we have also some strategy on those games too. all in all, we really need some complete luck games too. now most of games should be Strategic games. as it is now. but why we need some luck games, because it's necessary for us to play some none-serious games too sometimes, as of resting our mind or something. now there is a difference between a luck game and kid's game, i think. luck games are not that boaring. yes if you play a lot, they will become boaring, but when you play sometimes, it will be always cool.

Latest edition by tiny, Aug 5 2019 23:20:45

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