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1. BellaBlack666,

Hello guys I was wondering if on the mobile version of playroom when you're using the phone, can you make it easier to access the forums so that a person doesn't have to leave a table to check posts and inbox messages? I hope this makes sense.

2. Nikola,

Yes, a button to open the functions menu similar to the f9 key can probably be added, but while on a phone I generally find it much easier to browse the forum directly from the website.

3. BellaBlack666,

It would be nice if I'm on the mobile client with the phone if we could open our inbox messages while in a table of any sorts.

4. godfather,

to be honest, web cliant on phones? does not work that well. on android at least

5. Nikola,

Well, it will never be as efficient as a native client, but at least we have something. On iOS, especially if you are running 13, it is quite possible to be efficient to a certain degree.

6. godfather,

so web cliant works better on the latest IOS? well i do remember the days when it was better on android as well but yeah.

7. Nikola,

On Android back when I used it the web client had an annoying bug where you could not access the history on Chrome. The entire part was simply skipped by Talkback. I don't know if this is still the case, but if it is one workaround I noticed is that if you connect a bluetooth or USB keyboard, then press either page up or down once to read one line of the history it should appear for talkback as well and then you can normally use it. One more workaround is to use Firefox, but that one has other issues with repeating of live regions. On iOS, these things don't happen. Focus is somewhat unstable in the history especially if you are in main room where messages constantly appear, and edit boxes sometimes take multiple attempts to bring the keyboard, but other than that all is pretty good.

8. godfather,

yeah that's the bug that i was talking about on android, pritty annoying tbh.

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