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Some Issues Concerning History Report

mayya 2 ali.altikrety,

error in quizz party

whozitken 35 Nikola-Jovic,

Connect four bot on insane not so insane

Nikola-Jovic 0 Nikola-Jovic,

Bug on Quiz Party.

florianionascu7 10 whozitken,

problems with a couple of games

the-raven 5 Nikola-Jovic,

Quiz party bug

amna 9 Mayank,

Losing connection

Vojvoda 4 Nikola-Jovic,

A bug with saving tables and bots

Cocoa 3 Nikola-Jovic,

Bug with languages

Nikola-Jovic 2 Saniel_Morse,

A bug with game duration time.

Aminetr25 1 Adventure-Time,

Not sure if the contact page is working

Nikola-Jovic 0 Nikola-Jovic,

Something that should be fixed with spectator mode

Nikola-Jovic 37 Aminetr25 ,

Issues with zanzibar and smartphones

Nikola-Jovic 5 Nikola-Jovic,

(Solved) Major bug in hearts after the last server reboot

Nikola-Jovic 0 Nikola-Jovic,

Bug in hearts

Nikola-Jovic 0 Nikola-Jovic,

Bug on the playroom homepage

Nikola-Jovic 2 Nikola-Jovic,

Small bugs in zanzibar

Nikola-Jovic 9 Nikola-Jovic,

Bug on Zanzibar

Diana 2 majoz,

Zanzibar bug on the web client

Vojvoda 0 Vojvoda,

the new game hearts


1 rule of zanzibar

tiny 0 tiny,

Problem with reconnecting

Vojvoda 9 Nikola-Jovic,

new bugs on yahtzee!

tiny 17 Saniel_Morse,

Bouillabaisse Fifth Round Bug

RedHawk 3 RedHawk,

Unused account still existent after more than six months

Cristina 12 Vojvoda,

bug report in web client, 1000 miles general state reads only one person's state

dusty1 5 YNWA,

Bug in 99

helleon 9 grobar ,

bug in yahtzee

whozitken 0 whozitken,

Incorrect abandoning in chess

Moriarty 3 grobar ,



Bug in The Web Client of The QuentinC's Playroom: can't play .ogg Files in The Mozilla Firefox

Space-Rage 0 Space-Rage,

Bug in The Filters: some streaming links marked as spam

Space-Rage 0 Space-Rage,

An error when going to Statistics page

Space-Rage 1 Aminiel,

Two bugs in cribbage

grobar 4 grobar ,

Bug in Webclient's edit boxe when using Firefox49.0 for Windows

Space-Rage 9 basket,

A bug with the CTRL+F2 keystroke

rockstar2013 2 rockstar2013,

Apple jass, selecting from or the entire kitty on the web client.

basket 8 Aminiel,

Sluggishness on Quentencies Game room with my new laptop

afrim 27 afrim,

interesting bann message

kurt 1 Aminetr25 ,

Hi quentinc playroom

Angel.29 1 grobar ,

Error with the Windows Client (Translation)

Saniel_Morse 4 Saniel_Morse,

A bug in the German translation

Cocoa 0 Cocoa,

Problem with System access

WindowEyes 6 WindowEyes,

Problem with received demands list

Vojvoda 5 Vojvoda,

99 Does not Follow its Own Rules

KG4RDF 4 RedHawk,

problem with appearing a lists

Shewolf 5 basket,

the bug when playing belot(beta).

WindowEyes 10 WindowEyes,

Windows 10 fatal error with client

stormer 6 laydster,

A trange thing on my friend list.

WindowEyes 2 Muhammad_Hajjar,

Now it's not posible to draw the cards after wild draw four

out_and_about 8 Marina7,

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