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Some Issues Concerning History Report

mayya 2 wolfi,

Blocked Monopoly game

Jeff-Rutkowski 5 YNWA,

Weird bug with table topics.

Dayan 1 Howard,

uno bug

unolover 0 unolover,

A monopoli bug

majoz 2 tissman,

Latest update and Quiz party on the web client

Howard 4 Howard,


Dayan 9 Aminiel,

account validation

bucklee 4 bucklee,

Bug in Scopa (teams)

Mr.Superman 0 Mr.Superman,

Bug with playroom settings

Trista 6 Howard,

about covid

sodanisavit01 27 tiny,

a strange pattern in the duck races

Kristen_Star 1 Lemonade,

Funny farcle bug

soundarya 5 soundarya,

Lost password page broken?

Howard 1 Aminiel,

several times on monopoly game

Areyana 2 jackson95,

Barbu: Trump contract and overcutting, should it work like this?

Howard 3 YNWA,

Spades: Bots and nills, should it really be that bad?

Howard 8 AutonomousUltraInstinct,

Statistic page bug

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

a bug in math duo and another in zanzibar

Fawaz 4 Rincewind,

Barbu: I Got 80 Points Instead Of Losing them!

Miralina 3 MagicalKrrish,

can't connect to either client.

TheEvilChocolateCookie 1 Howard,

Barbu: The total number of rounds is not displayed while pressing the letter R

Miralina 3 Howard,

A bug in duck racing with droppable cards and frozen players

Howard 5 YNWA,

Issue with Barbu

MagentaUnicorn 2 MagentaUnicorn,

Alert to admins, public Uno table has been up for 3 days with player who is not online

ChrisCornell 2 la_serpiente ,

Barbu: Missing options on the Web client

Howard 0 Howard,

Question about speed challenges duck racing

Coastergirl92 2 Coastergirl92,

Barbo f1 dont works in English.

pax1 1 Howard,

Bug with Barbu

Giovani 1 Marina8,

Safari and web client sounds, can it be fixed?

Howard 5 jackson95,

New game which not works. Barbu.

pikseldash 9 Aminiel,

Problem with web client sounds on windows browsers

Sajad-Aliraqi 2 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Question Cards on Duck Racing

MagentaUnicorn 2 Aminiel,

unnecessary and strange changes in duck racing

Kristen_Star 14 Cristina,

being frozen in Duck Racing

DoughnutQueen 10 YNWA,

Saving doesn't work correctly in Battleship

Howard 0 Howard,

Dice rolls in saved free tables

Jeff-Rutkowski 2 Howard,

problem with rummy

TiffanyJ 0 TiffanyJ,

2 people can enter the game and 1 person can start when some person is goes away and table admin managing settings of the game

Abdullah46 0 Abdullah46,

Reversi: A button missing on the web client

Howard 1 phoenix009,

Duck racing

sodanisavit01 1 StormProductions,

monopoly bug

alee 0 alee,

bug in duck racing with bots

whozitken 5 Aminiel,

Possible error in the game Zanzibar.

facelessghost 2 Aminiel,

3 Possible Bugs in Duck Racing

ChrisCornell 2 Aminiel,


Elvisforever 1 Aminiel,

Audio streams

Mohammedradwan2003 0 Mohammedradwan2003,

Are there two passwords for Quentin

Moriarty 2 Moriarty,

a wierd and hilarious bug

godfather 2 Howard,

a funny bug

godfather 0 godfather,

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