Error again in belote

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1. Cristina,

My apologies if I misunderstood that we have to report when we get an error how it happend with some minutes ago, when we've played belote with a friend and some bots.
I've copied that and here it is: "Trump suit is hearts.
On the table there are: 8 of diamonds and 7 of hearts.
IT's aurel's turn.
aurel plays an 8 of spades.
IT's Casper's turn.
On the table there are: 8 of diamonds, 7 of hearts and 8 of spades.
Casper plays a queen of diamonds.
Cristina-Ioana wins the trick.
Error #22824 ! Si le problème persiste, veuillez quitter cette table et en recréer une nouvelle / If the problem keeps happening, please leave this table and recreate a new one
The table is now open for new players.
Regards, Cristina

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I must we should create a topic specialized in the new game's errors and bugs. It'd be useful for administrations and users and easy to discuss.


3. topSpeed ,

hello , the exact way to reproduce this error is : save the table when you have 1 , 2 or 3 cards left. Maybe it works with even more cards but i haven't tested it , anyways when you restore it after the trick you will get the error. I hope this helped aminiel to resolve it

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