bug when using client and forum

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1. each-and-everythinh ,

hello , if you read forum from windows client , and you already replied to a topic , after sometime , a reply option will appear. Interestingly enough , if you press enter on it , and type some text and then press ok , you will get a fatal error
Notice: Undefined variable: e in /home/web/QCSalon/qcsalon.net/subdomains/www/html/forum-topic.php on line 72
~ForumError~ , this should definitely be fixed. As it can cause some confusion.

2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

when you reply a topic, you should wait at leest 15 minutes or something to right a new reply again.
But if someone already replied, you will be able to reply again.
You can't reply a topic if the topic was created before month.

3. each-and-everythinh ,

There is no point in waiting 15 minutes , as you can't post twice in a row , and that has nothing to do with this bug

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

There is point! At leest it's something against spammers for who wants to reply many replies at the same time

5. each-and-everythinh ,

no no , you missunderstood my post , i mean you don't have to wait 15 minutes because nothing will happen and you will still not be able to reply unless someone else has replied , that is why i said you can't post twice in a row

6. Saniel_Morse,

But from my view, it's something ridiculous that it only happens here and not in other forums such as Audiogames or Klango (Rest In Peace). So, do we have a lot of animals in the platform?

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Mar 1 2016 17:32:46

7. each-and-everythinh ,

well , if you were not here when abdulrahman was spamming the forum , then the simple answer is , we doo.

8. Saniel_Morse,

Well man, anyways I remember that he was writing with his 10 accounts.

For example, he wrote something like this:

  1. Abdulrhaman, X day, X year, X hour.
  2. hi
    I want to joing the tournament
  3. Bagi, X Day, X Year, X Hour.

I also want to join my friend abdulrhaman
we want play uno

3. Memo94, X Day, X Year, X Hour.

hi friends
please let me enter the tournament
I want to play also

And so on. Then I don't think that it works in such cases if they find ways to bypass this...

9. each-and-everythinh ,

in such cases no , but aminiel put some measures against it , he can not know if you write something with 12 accounts , that's why there is administration , system can not do everything. Anyways , we went way offtopic here.

10. Saniel_Morse,

That's right. But getting back to the subject, I remember once a guy could post twice in a row; how did he do that? I'm not sure, but maybe Aminiel has stopped it if that was a bug or something. Now it's impossible to reply twice and you just get a carriage return.

Latest edition by Saniel_Morse, Mar 1 2016 18:32:24

11. each-and-everythinh ,

o , i don't remember that happening , only aminiel can do that i think

12. Adventure-Time,

Maybe I know what post did you mean. Check out this topic:

13. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I lost the benefit of that platform. I won't be active like I was before! So for that reason I won't suggest, or I won't post anymore. Not sure, because no one cares at all.
Cheers everyone.
The truth must be said

14. Aminiel,

Maybe I know what post did you mean. Check out this topic:

It has been possible because, in fact, someone else posted in between, and that post was later hidden.

In principle, you are effectly disallowed to post twice in a row, except for helpers who are always allowed to, and except on particular topics where we can explicitly allow it for everybody (it can occasionally be useful).

15. Saniel_Morse,

Hey! I've just checked out the other link (which I hadn't opened since you posted it the other day), and efectively he has posted twice in a row; I think there's an explanation for this, 'though I don't want to be wrong...

16. each-and-everythinh ,

yeah aminiel has explained it

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