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1. YNWA,

What is the maximum possible score in Belote for one single round? I have the answer but it may surprise a few. I have not got it yet or haven't seen it yet in any of the games I have been involved with.

2. Cristina,

182 is. I had it already, 162 points, cuz my team has won all those tricks, plus 20 points for the bonus what we got, making belote and rebelote.

3. YNWA,

No it is a bit of a trick question. You can gain more points if the previous round was drawn if that helps.

4. Fawaz,

I guess 364?

5. YNWA,

363 so I will give it you Fawaz. If a team draws a previous round with Belote and Rebelote that will total 91 points instead of the standard 81 points. If you take all the tricks in the next round you get a match gaining 252 points and if you have Belote And Rebelote you gain an extra 20 points. That will give you a maximum of 363 points. The most I have had so far is 333.


6. Vojvoda,

This question gave me idea about playroom quiz. That would be fun. Questions like this one when playroom was made etc. Though maybe questions would repeat very often.

7. Cristina,

it is impossible to be draw with 91 points, even if a team got bonus.
if a team who bid will get just 71 points and will get other 20 for belote, will be considered winner and will not fail the contract, cuz of that bonus.

8. YNWA,

Normally you get 81 points but the extra 20 points mean you would need to get an extra 10 to draw. 81 and not 91. It has happened a number of times.

9. MagicalKrrish,


I never seen a team loses bonus although they draw. if the team who ctook up the contract does not meet the 81 points and however gets the belot and rebelot still gains the bonus 20 points whereas the draw is just 81 points, and if the team who is challenging on that round gets the rebelot and belot then oviously the team who taking up the contrac fails.

Regards KRrish

10. YNWA,

Lets make a couple of things clear. To make a contract normally you need 82 points just over 50% of the points. If someone has Belote in that round then 50% of the points is 91 points and 92 points is just over 50% regardless who has belote.. The person making Belote will still get their 20 points but there will be still 91 points left on the table so a total of 363 is possible. My highest for the record is 333. If a round is drawn then the person making the contract will leave the 91 on the table.

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