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Turkish Translation

Parrion 14 StormProductions,

A cricket decision game, can also be baseball

Pran 34 hassanraza03,

Focus in the list of saved tables

BrayWyatt 6 Everyone,

An interesting suggestion about URL's

The-Chaos 5 Everyone,

Suggestion refering to the disconnection of the table master

Cristina 20 YNWA,

Can connection issues be fixed?

alphaxploder 11 BrayWyatt,

last connection time

Qais 10 helleon,

Is there a way to rearrange history views?

BrayWyatt 3 Aminiel,

Method to send message to the last person we sent a message.

soundarya 11 Aminiel,

Free table topic edit field

Kotoamatsukami 12 BrayWyatt,

Suggest a new language

Elcicek 3 Purebeat,

Cards Against Humanity

slannon 9 helleon,

Why isn't Gameroom translated to Turkish?

Giovani 8 Kotoamatsukami,

An option to create a log which gives the time for the occured events

soundarya 20 YNWA,

ability to edit messages

godfather 9 Aminiel,

The tables of people who wish only their friends to join should be idden

kumandan 6 StormProductions,

a strange behaiviour

godfather 10 marina7,

Password for private tables

Kotoamatsukami 11 soundarya,

99 in rs

tiny 23 tiny,

Friend list settings and modifications:

Darkwolf 32 Darkwolf,

Gender Options

Serena 16 YNWA,

Suggestion for blocked people

Qais 9 MagicallyEnchantingDreams,

Word Games

ClawsOfSteel89sKitten 1 YNWA,

Town of Salem

Jahreindota 18 Kotoamatsukami,

Posting new Monopoly board

Giovani 2 Giovani,

petition to MR. aminiel from the spanish playroom

lord_voldemort 4 lord_voldemort,

The eternal second (beta) rules

The-Queen 3 The-Queen,

Suggestion for a new card game: Casino

the-raven 4 Aminiel,

an extra option for 1000 miles

tiny 7 Everyone,

Suggestion for the little exam: Custom difficulty

BrayWyatt 30 BrayWyatt,

About refraining in Quiz party

BrayWyatt 6 Aminiel,

Farcle rules are different than main stream games

jonnyboy1991 12 YNWA,

rules for the game The Eternal Second Beta.

facelessghost 6 RedHawk,

promoting play room

mhr91358 23 Everyone,

new language

IndonesianGamer 20 BrayWyatt,

please make awinks for playroom chat

mostafamahmoud310 2 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Improving the functionality of the forum on the site QuentinC's Gameroom.

facelessghost 5 StormProductions,

multiple game table invatations

Mistressbella666 14 StormProductions,

Bad feature in UNO

Darkwolf 5 helleon,

suggestion for spades

the-raven 25 the-raven ,

A suggestion for presence statuses

BrayWyatt 22 The-Chaos,

Suggestion regarding chess - piece moving

Kotoamatsukami 14 soundarya,

a suggestion regarding copying a person's details

The-Chaos 12 Aminiel,

Trick taking games with multiple people

BrayWyatt 3 Aminiel,

More board games

slannon 14 YNWA,

Web client and shaking the device

BrayWyatt 0 BrayWyatt,

Suggesting regarding saved tables

helleon 25 helleon,

making play for tutch systems

mostafamahmoud310 3 supanut2000,

renaming bots

austen 7 supanut2000,

Add more on-screen controls for common game actions to the Windows client

slannon 4 YNWA,

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