we liked the playroom!

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1. alphaxploder ,

Do you like the playroom? I like the playroom, can you like the playroom if you don't? Thank you!

2. fakeNews,

yeah, i like the playroom and i'd reccomend all those who dont like the playroom to like it, as in like like oh no wait actually i won't even go there, but those you dont like it please like it cause it deserves it liking and those who dont like it i dont like you! loool jk but anyway yeah please like it those who dont and those who do? well keep liking it cause liking the likeable playroom is fun so let's all like and like and more like!

3. Parikshit,

Lol? so random.
Yes I like the playroom.
do you like the playroom?
We all do like the playroom!

4. alphaxploder ,

Thank you godfather, th eplayroom appreciates your liking.

5. fakeNews,

and i like the fact that the playroom appriciates my liking

6. alphaxploder ,

Thank you Soundarya, th eplayroom appreciates your liking.

7. squalinator ,

hallo, i like the playroom because i am bored and i do not like being bored so the playroom helps me to be unbored so i like it and if you don't like being bored then pleez like the playroom so then you will not be bored anymore tanku byeeee i hope you like me post on about liking the payroom! i mean playroom sorry

8. alphaxploder ,

Thank you godmother, th eplayroom appreciates your liking.

9. YNWA,

Only like? why not love!

10. alphaxploder ,

Because I was scared that people are not comitted to loving something its better to tell them to like it just because people won't get a little too much.

11. moataz,

Yes i like

12. alphaxploder ,

moataz, th eplayroom appreciates your liking it!

13. the-chaos,

I like the playroom a bit too much for my liking. LOL :P

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14. fakeNews,

thanks the-chaos, th eplayroom appriciates your liking!

15. the-chaos,

th eplayroom is sad that nobody else likes it

16. sound2,

The person who created this post must've been very bored. In any case, I like the playroom.
Have fun.

17. alphaxploder ,

sound2, th eplayroom appreciates your liking it in any case.

18. Jahreindota,

I like the playroom

19. alphaxploder ,

Jahreindota, th eplayroom really appreciates you expressing like towards it. In fact, it is so happy that you decided to like it that it even got a little happier!

20. el-dragon ,

i like the playroom, you like the playroom, everyone likes the playroom! the playrom its life and the playroom its love!

21. lord-of-Lightning ,

yes i like playroom,help's me to get rid of bordum

22. fakeNews,

thanks lightenning and dragon force, th eplayroom appriciates your liking!

23. Parikshit,

Hi alphaxploder, Th eplayroom appreciates your liking it.

24. squalinator ,

th eplayroom also appreciates and likes the topic that you have made on liking th eplayroom, and the likes that th eplayroom has gotten through this topic all because of your efforts

25. Vojvoda ,

space comes after the not th, e is not part of playroom's name

26. Parikshit,

kotoamatsukami, Th eplayroom appreciates your correction.

27. the-chaos,

soundarya, th eplayroom appreciates your appreciation of the correction in regards to th eplayroom.

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28. diabolical-penguin,

Guys, th eplayroom appreciates your pointless topic.

29. Nikola,

Do you receive money as a reward for spamming the forum or increasing your number of posts? If not, I can't see what this topic does to be useful to anybody. The forum is for discussions, if you didn't know. What does this discuss? Who's using the Playroom and disliking it? I usually don't use software which I don't like.

30. Honeycomb ,

If you like me liking the Playroom, then why don't you like the likings I tend to likely like? Or maybe you'd prefer not to like the likely likes of me! Popcorns anyone? :)

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