about an offensive id here!

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31. Vojvoda,

I also don't understand why such username would need to be banned.

32. AmineTrichine,

this everyday every morning every night people's sensitivity and hurt emotions and getting offended by a name mumbo jumbo is killing me! I'm sorry, but I just could not keep myself from posting here. Get over it guys. If the username insults a specific religion, person or a group of people, then ok, that's understandable. But having words in a name such as sex and fuck, yeah, those words that people think are so and so offensive, I don't really know how offensive but people describe them that way, if you don't like it, disable announcing who joined what table from your settings, and block who ever is disterbing you. That's not hard is it? When you join a comunity you gotta understand, that such things can be found. People are not all the same, there are those who are sivilized, and there are those who don't care about miners and adults and all that. This is the internet, afterall! You have to deal with everything that comes up and get used to it. I see no reason for banning these people as others have stated, but at least that's my opinien.
As if opiniens matter now adays.
Just kidding. No seriously that last line was not serious.

33. Nikola,

Why are we suddenly responding to topics that were posted ages ago?

34. AmineTrichine,

1 because why not.
2, because I should of checked the dates, which I clearly did not. I sau it on the top of the page and thus I responded.
And 3, you're right, I should not be waisting time on this topic.

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35. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I also can't see why wouldn't anyone reply

36. Nikola,

Because the discussion was pretty much over, at least in my opinion.

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