Eurofly, System Requirements

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1. Mazdak ,

Hello people. As the newest version of Eurofly has been released in recent days, if any of you knows the minimum System Requirements of the latest version of that game, please let me know. Or if you have a page relating to that, please send me the link. If you give me some information based on your experience, I will appreciate too. Thank you in advance.

2. Nikola,

Most audio games including this one don't really require any high specs and you should be able to play it on any hardware. My worst laptop with 2 GB of ram and 1.6 GHZ dual core processor was able to run it, the only problem is that it might lag for a bit until map data is loaded, however once that is done you should be fine. On a better hardware, you wont have issues even when loading the map data and you can play normally.

3. Giovani,

Yes, ofcourse.
But, human requirements for Eurofly is sometimes good knownledge of Geography.
Ofcourse, I helped some people with many things of It, but those things were ofcourse, across the Eurofly.

4. Mazdak ,

Thanks for your great help Nikola. I have upgraded my ram to 4.0 GB now. What do you think now? Does Eurofly works fine with this system? Or it is still low? And after upgrading the ram, do I need to do anything to speed up my computer, like changing the windows? Or I don't need to do anything? And what version of windows 10 you are recommending to install for the best speed experience, enterprise, pro or what? And which operating type, 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

5. Nikola,

Hello. With 4 GB of ram 64 bit of course. I am not entirely sure whether you need to reinstall Windows after ubgrading RAM as i didn't check that myself, but you can probably find an answer to that and I even assume you do. Windows 10 pro is what I use, but the differences between editions are very minor so any should work just fine, and if you're on windows 7 use microsoft's free assistive ubgrade offer to windows 10 so you get the legal activated copy of windows for free, and it has been extended until 16th of january so still some time. Finally, of course eurofly will work just fine and as to other things that can make your PC faster, getting a SSD which I didn't even do myself will greatly help, and ubgrading the processor if needed. If you use it mostly for audiogames though, that isn't really needed as most have really low system requirements.

6. Mazdak ,

May I ask what is specifications of your current computer you are using right now? And I still have lag during the load for some of the websites on firefox, it doesn't been solved yet. I'm not sure it works better than now with windows 10 or not?

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