ican"t login the play room

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1. merverella ,

i don"t login the play room programs. please help me. Error
You have been banned from the server for the following reason:
account abuse and other.
This ban ends in 6487 days, 7 hours and 49 minutes.

última alteração por merverella , 06.08.2017 17:03:28

2. HVACSalesman,

Assuming that what you say is true, To the best of your knowledge, did you do anything that would have gotten you banned, (violated playroom rules)? I am not sure if the helpers give warnings before banning. I know for a fact that there have been people who were banned from posting on the forum without having been given a reason. I am not sure if this would be the case with regard to permanent playroom bannings, as this sounds like a permanent bann to me.

3. helleon,

hell no it's not permanent! it's only 6487 days. the fact that you'd get less in a lot of countries for capital offences is irrelevant! :D

4. Anorak,

once there was a banned account with this reason: can you buy a new life? am not sure what this meant

5. Nikola,

This means you go to the nearest local store and ask: Hello, can you kindly give me a new life? This one is so boring.

6. Vojvoda,

I am curious how much does it cost

7. Nikola,

Probably 9999999 dollars

8. fire-starter,

hello all, well it just looks like friend politicks here. admins do whatever they want without monitoring. they ban everyone who they like and seem to not care about what reports or accuses say
just my thoughts

9. helleon,

agree with firestarter. and to the above poster, it simply means that the admins on here believe you have no life.

10. AmineTrichine,

Somebody i know was banned for the reason "lol", and also if i remember correctly an other one was banned for the reason go f*** yourself? Not sure if the last one was telling the trueth though, but lol as a ban reason? Like, what the ****...

11. Saniel_Morse,

Somebody i know was banned for the reason "lol"

Hum... you little and lovely Adminio, didn't I tell you not to stay infront of the keyboard and use it to ban people? You must learn to obey and respect me!

12. StormProductions,

O shit! Really?

13. Saniel_Morse,

Funnily enough, that phrase was enclosed between two lol's. :D

14. safari,

how can you write this message if you can't log in? :D

15. Mazdak ,

Probably he is using another account to login, and his last account before this were banned, or maybe he is using the Web Client and he is banned from the playroom's app and can't login with any account with the main client.

16. Ferrumite,

never heard that someone is banned from the windows client only, lol

17. Mazdak ,

I did, I even couldn't be able to login with none of accounts, I have tested three or four accounts, but it doesn't worked.

18. Ferrumite,

I have heard that there are games from witch you are banned from accessing the client, based on your computer ID. But, when you change some mager thing with your hardware, your computer ID changes so you are basicly unbanned. :D
But, I don't think that this game has this thing.

19. StormProductions,

It actually does.

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