New battleship game and server version 1.4.2

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1. Aminiel,

There were a lot of updates since last news. In fact, I forgot to post one...

The server is now at version 1.4.2, introducing a new battleship game in beta. But in addition to that, there were a lot of small other updates :

  • Uno: it is now forbidden to draw more than 3 cards at your turn when you don't have to. This modification is made against cheaters, who could draw tens of cards before passing their hand to their opponents with the 0/7 rule.
  • Uno: for the same possible cheating reason, you get 5 penality points instead of a supplementary card when you fail an interception.
  • IN uno, 1000 miles, scopa and jass, you can now set a score limit which determine the winner or the looser of the whole game. This feature was highly demanded.
  • You can now send a private message to a particular player. To do that, press F2 to chat as usual, but start your message by @nickname.
  • Added private table feature. By pressing Ctrl+H, you can hide your table from the join list, so that no spectator can join it. To let it reappear again, just press Ctrl+H once more.
  • Quick join: You can now quickly join somebody on his table even if he isn't game master with the new shortcut Ctrl+J.
  • You can now know how much time you spend on the game or the round currently in progress by pressing Ctrl+T.

The client has also been updated. This client update is optional, you can keep 1.4.0 if you want to.

  • Bug correction in history
  • Bug correction in bidimentional menus
  • Best multithreading management, supposed lowering synchronization problems encountered in uno and 1000 miles.

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