Website update and client/server version 1.5

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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

The website has been updated this afternoon, and you know what ? Game rules for jass are now online !

The statistics page has also been updated as well as the poker one, and uno and 1000 miles have also been updated so that you know now all latest additions in rules and variants.

IF you like the playroom, you can now also make a donation using paypal.

I haven't yet spoken about version 1.5, which was mandatory for client and server. Client update was mandatory because there was many changes in connection management, what was in fact the cause of the troubles of yesterday and thurstday (7 and 8 april). There isn't any visible change in the client side, except that the communication port was changed from 8888 to 1321, because some firewalls seemed to have problems with port 8888.

IN server side, additionnally to connection management, where also small useless things:

Have fun !

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