Recruiting helpers

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31. Derrikk,

No, voting wouldn't be good. Imagine that some people would go and try to recruit users to vote for them and some will do out of friendship, it's not fair. The goal here is to enforce the rules and maintain good behavior so that the playroom remains peacefull and fun. Onklango, in certain groups, I saw mods who just banned those they didn't like for a little thing and wouldn't ban their friends even after a major offense. When you moderate, you must be fair to everyone and even remove or ban a friend if he must be removed or ban. Now of course, it's not all about banning and removing. Those are extremes. And this kinds of moderators who would constantly look for someone to ban must also be avoided. But back to the previous question, I also disagree with polls and elections, that won't do.

32. Raki,

So is there any update on the situation?

33. Aminiel,

Sorry no, we haven't yet been able to meet all together. I'm afrait that it is going to take more time than we initially though.

34. buzzbegone,

Hi I can't apply for the post of mod. I don't know french well enough But I do thank you for the time and effort you've all put in to the playroom. I've had a lot of fun on here. :D If you eventually need an English mod for the English server let us know. I for one be happy to help.

35. YNWA,

In your advertisement for new Mods you said you arn't able to write to everybody and that is understandable but could you post a message saying something like:

We have chosen the people we need to speak to and thanks to everybody that applied for the post.


36. LaraStardust,

agreed this is stupid not knowing

37. Raki,

I agree, it would be nice if the people that took time out of their day applying, could at least get an update; the least they can ask for.

38. LaraStardust,

Guys, i cant say much but intellegents says the admins are working on it

39. gaura_bhavani,

well why somebody mustt be 18 years old to be an helper or an admin? maybe someone from 14 or 15 years old may be an admin or an helper... just I think so.

40. bradley,

I think it should depend on your skill with written language and how mature you are as a person.

41. LaraStardust,

Yes, mostly it does depend on that bradley, though I believe the 18 is merely so that people who are younger and could potentially not be mature do not apply

42. gaura_bhavani,

well for example, if someone is 16 and is good with computers and etc, maybe this person may be helper

43. LaraStardust,

But that isnt in the job description.

44. gaura_bhavani,

ok I was just suggesting

45. BhavyaShah ,

I believe that the 18+ age eligibility criteria for volunteering to be an admin is partially superfluous and injudicious.
I have known folks who have a considerable degree of maturity and writing proficiency despite not having exceeded the age of 18 and some abusive and impolite players claiming to be far older. A chat with the candidate should be sufficient to estimate his maturity, justifiability and reliability as an admin The criteria of age should be removed altogether, in my opinion..
I commend the existing admins to spare some of their invaluable time in this search of theirs, and would not insist them to hurry up. However, the area of administration has humongous scope for improvement, and this is one of those things which should be prioritized.
I do not speak French, hence cannot send my request as a candidate, furthermore, there are times when I am extremely busy, however, if English speakers are permitted at some point, I am willing to dedicate some portion of time in administering the Playroom.
The arguments given against the idea of polls and elections to choose admins are absolutely valid and cogent.
Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah.

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