Disconnexions and Annoyments for the Server

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1. mayya,

Hello everyone

You are very numerous to signal untimely disconnections on the playroom. This problem is quite known and we are actually working to resolve it.

To explain to you the issue, the matter is that there is a player on the English part of the playroom who is trying all means to atack the playroom and its staff. In the beginning, it was just written provocative attacks, which have been transformed lately into more serious ones. This person now dares even to pay for services just to access the server, make troubles for the machine, and slow it down for a period of time. As mentioned above, we are working hard to put an end to this disagreement, and to minimize troubles at the level of your use of the playroom.
Do not worry, this person is not aiming at attending you, yet he is doing everything to attend us, members of the staff.
Thus, I take this opportunity to remind you of the basic rules to be respected on a platform like ours:

•Do not trust people pretending to be friends with Aminiel or any other member of the staff, even if this person provides names or any other information.
•Staff members are listed on this page http://qcsalon.net/en/staff and no other person is part of it.
•A staff member will never ask you for your e-mail adress, your password, or any other personal details.

We will let you know about the next news regarding this issue if necessary, and we all hope that it takes a happy end very soon.

Wish you all the best

Maya/Playroom Staff

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2. gaurasuryavanshi,

thank you for the explaining.

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3. Raki,

Is the problem solved?

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4. Exink,

Frankly I do not know, but I want to use this post to congratulate to the admins, because they have increased the speed of all games in general! Thanks admins!

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5. LaraStardust,

you know, reading this just makes me look at people in the world and think, why? i mean come on surely they have better things to do then this

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