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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 144 horse,

option in little exam to disable manual point allocation

horse 4 Aminiel,

New game, mangala (~LabelOngoing~)

colonel 4 Aminiel,

Monopoly player suggestion: An optional rule to not collect rent from properties while in jail (~LabelAccepted~)

Nikola 2 Aminiel,

Adding same options to Duck racing as to most of games (~LabelOngoing~)

Emrah20 4 horse,

Sound for playable cards in Uno

slannon 9 horse,

New Monopoly boards submission (~LabelDone~)

Emrah20 20 Emrah20,

New game suggestion: Okey (~LabelOngoing~)

colonel 4 colonel,

dixit game creation

Carlos2000 7 Nikola,


stina1981 3 Nikola,

new game Suggestions

connor 2 Aminiel,

Questions about channels and views

slannon 3 Nikola,

Monopoly trade sounds

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

character limit is too short

ahmet-demir 4 ahmet-demir,

getting the attention of the administrators!

CathyAnne 4 Aminiel,

Monopoly: Announce the trade in progress when pressing T (~LabelDone~)

Nikola 3 Nikola,

adding the l.a.m.a game

flying_dragon 3 CathyAnne,

Idea to make "Cards Against Humanity" better

CREADOR 2 glad,

Adding shift-p to the f1 text

HeadphoneJack 3 Arya_Stark,

Option to open forum messages in read only multiline dialog (~LabelRefused~)

horse 8 Aminiel,

New keyboard gestures for leave and stop table master (~LabelRefused~)

horse 5 horse,

Adding the ability to create game tables when choosing a person from the mainroom

Sajad-Aliraqi 5 glad,

Adding a "deal all pieces if possible" options in dominos

HeadphoneJack 1 glad,

Chat translation feature

Elinoria 17 glad,

Allow View Scores While Game Is Stopped (~LabelSolved~)

Elinoria 2 Elinoria,

Duck race in teams

dhegwork-adakly 9 Radiant,

who is that again?

Radiant 67 Spongebob,

Implementation for fives and threes (~LabelOngoing~)

LoboBranco 3 Nikola,



Focus in the Duck racing roulette betting

Nikola 2 glad,

has eurofly beta ended?

medhansh 2 medhansh,

add a sports or any war game

medhansh 10 medhansh,

Friends (~LabelNew~)

Quintin-Dziadkiewicz 2 majoz,

Archery duel

Isaac5457 6 medhansh,

add more arcade games

the_killer 3 medhansh,

Which games are currently being worked on to arrive? (~LabelOngoing~)

asosyal 8 medhansh,

I forgot a few things. (~LabelRefused~)

CathyAnne 7 Aminiel,

New games.

CathyAnne 1 Nikola,

How Does Automatic Account Deletion Actually Work? (~LabelOngoing~)

Naday 1 CathyAnne,


flying_dragon 14 lucy_light,

Suggestion of Jungle game (~LabelOngoing~)

Emrah20 9 Emrah20,

sejestion of go fish.

glad 0 glad,

1000 miles proposal - junk a card directly on long press

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Monopoly Mortgage Keystroke

slannon 2 console,

A questions about game translation (~LabelNew~)

NoInternet 0 NoInternet,

Farkel Scoring

slannon 1 Nikola,

reply command in chat (~LabelSolved~)

Kyleman 4 GeorgeWu,

a new game sujestion x hour

glad 5 Mishka,

new game idea life locater

glad 2 Nikola,

Fives and threes manual scoring mode

Nikola 0 Nikola,

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