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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 124 YNWA,

Blocked, but still friends

lucy_light 7 daddyMagnum,

Suggestion: add disenfranchisement notice for web client users who play duck racing

Isaac5457 0 Isaac5457,

suggestion of adding a new game to the playroom: handcricket

sky360 9 YNWA,

new challenges on duck racing

whozitken 1 Nikola,

Suggestion for a new card game: Ambition

No-Time 0 No-Time,

New Card Game Suggestion: Munchkin

CritLich 0 CritLich,

New Statistic for Quiz Party

ableman477 2 YNWA,

Suggestion to add a feature to shut people up while playing

Quintin-C 4 Ducklord,

Apples to Apples

Magarmach 4 Magarmach,

add voice chats to the playroom

amirmahdifard 10 CocodriloDePeluche,

who is that again?

Pool 17 CocodriloDePeluche,

New game, mangala

colonel 1 codbro,


Mortem 4 abyss,

audio streams

codbro 0 codbro,

Suggestion to do more than one survey in the same forum.

Ronald-Weasley 0 Ronald-Weasley,

suggestion about chess

golden_secret 1 lucy_light,

New game Proposal: Fruit War

Isaac5457 3 codbro,

bot errors

codbro 0 codbro,

new game

codbro 0 codbro,

Battle Ship changes

codbro 4 codbro,

Question on Playroom Updates

imprisonedindarkness 0 imprisonedindarkness,

suggestion, table message

Luca_Rossi 9 Moriarty,

99 suggestion

codbro 18 SteveColmanAndFiveElements,

sugestion for the end of rounds

Arthas 0 Arthas,

new game

codbro 3 Aminiel,

Permanent messages suggestion.

Franco-Escamilla 5 Franco-Escamilla ,

Game suggestion

LadyKai 1 codbro,

let the Turkish language come now.

asosyal 1 Aminiel,

Suggestion: add a pop-out window when viewing messages on the forums.

daddyMagnum 6 lucy_light,

It's impossible to see time limit rules in 99 / "R" hotkey doesn't work

SteveColmanAndFiveElements 0 SteveColmanAndFiveElements,

Asynchronous tables

Isaac5457 3 Destranis,

new game

liongirl 3 Caoimhe,

Suggestion regarding quiz party.

GeorgeWu 2 GeorgeWu,

what is the maximum players you can get on Quiz party?

GeorgeWu 2 GeorgeWu,

suggestion with regard to status messages

sky360 2 Kannadiga,

Monopoly Suggestions

Mortem 2 Mortem,

Addition of the Playrooma Stratego game

colonel 9 Aminiel,

suggest modification on next and previous page.

sanagui-dj 3 sky360,

WASM bots on Web Playroom

Moriarty 0 Moriarty,

suggestion, creation of ranking in the games of the playroom

Duki 3 Nikola,

status character limit is very less

doremon 7 Nancy-Wheeler,

Mobile/Web Duck Racing Bugs

Sentinel 4 Rizwan,

I wish we had scrabble here

His-girlfriend 15 Naday,

suggestion for a new game: Elements of nature!

dragonoid 6 codbro,

A Suggestion for Backgammon

omeed 1 YNWA,

Better "friend" invitations

Mortem 6 Mortem,

about leaving on the table in chess at the middle of the game

Jhon14 4 sopralto,

Comments on Recent Changes to Duck Racing challenges

RedHotCharliePepper 4 Nikola,

Changing disconnection notifications and spades bidding

Ryo-Bee 1 abyss,

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