New features in Playroom 3.0

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1. supanut2000,

So other than restoring secure connection, are there any other new features coming in Playroom 3.0, and if so, what sort of new features can we expect?

2. tural,

Please add Turkish language

3. Aminiel,


It would be fun to see all what you imagine for that new version. :P

If you have any request for the client, that doesn't need too much work, that's the good time to post it now.

For the moment, I prefer don't give a list of precise features to come. First because I'm not yet fixed on everything, and secondly because it's fun to leave the surprise still for a while.

4. Nikola,

alright, here are some of my wishes, though they probably don't fall into not requiring too much work category :P

  1. Profiles for channel and view settings.
  2. I love how you can configure different types of messages, when and how they should be read from reading and appearance settings, but it would be great if you could have different settings for different situations.
    For example, typically, I prefer allowing chats to both play sounds and read even if I am not in the Playroom window, while game messages usually only play sounds.
    However, when I play an audiogame for example, I don't want to be distracted by all kinds of sounds if I am on a table at the time, and then I could create a gaming profile where, contrary to my default settings, those things would play and read only if I am on the Playroom window. Those profiles could be switched quickly with a shortcut, like alt shift and arrows, and would allow you to quickly adjust a set of channel and view settings. Of course, I could always just mute the Playroom, but on the other hand I'd still prefer to hear sounds for private or permanent messages.
  3. Improvements to automatic saving of histories.
  4. Another great client feature is to automatically save each history daily. This is quite useful, but would be even more so if we could rather configure each view to be automatically saved, I imagine most useful ones would be discussions or private messages.
    Perhaps we could also allow histories to be saved in HTML, and separate each view by a heading.
    Speaking of histories, do you know why histories for some games contain unnecessary page breaks? For example, a saved history of uno looks like:
    Stupid computer plays a blue skip .
    Your turn is skipped.
    It's Stupid computer's turn.
    Stupid computer plays a green skip .
    Your turn is skipped.
    It's Stupid computer's turn.
    Stupid computer plays a green 7 .
    It's your turn.
    And so on, hoping that the forum can actually show these page breaks, right before the card name as well as after it.
  5. Custom sounds for friends.
  6. It would be a cool feature to define a specific sound for specific friends leaving and entering, ideally client side so nothing gets uploaded to the server consuming unnecessary space.
  7. Bugfix for the forums.
  8. I am not sure this needs a client update, but I suppose so since it has never been fixed, but when switching languages on the client, and opening the forum through the client, the forum still remains in the first language you have used, not switching to the new one.
    Of course, general improvements to the client side forum would also be appreciated, but especially switching pages so you can view the entire discussion.
  9. Fix the text selection.
  10. For some reason, when writing a message in the chat box, then tabbing away from it to for example complete your turn, then coming back to the box to finish your message, everything is selected by default thus making it necessary to move the cursor before you can continue to avoid deleting the entire message. This makes chatting while doing something else, for example playing a few turns quite annoying. Ideally, the cursor should remain at the end, with nothing selected.
  11. Make the chat box multy line.
  12. It would be extremely useful if the chat box was multy line, thus allowing us to paste articles, warning / error messages, and such content which often takes multiple lines, and Playroom just takes the first one when pasting which is often the least useful one. Ideally, the chat box would be multy line, but would work just like it does in some other chatting apps, for example Skype, where pressing enter still sends a message as it does now, but ctrl enter or shift enter inserts a new line. This allows multy line content to be pasted just fine, but doesn't lose the convenience of just using enter to quickly send.

I believe that's it for now, and regardless of the state of the features mentioned above, definitely looking forward to the new beta and wishing you good luck!
Edit: I also agree with one of the things Fawaz mentioned below, if possible, when pressing right or left arrows to navigate between card suits or right arrow to expand a table, don't repeat the currently focused item first and then announce a new one.

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5. Fawaz,

I would love to see ability to configure the default options for each game for each account, so i change my uno default settings, every time i just can click yes on the first option, and it gives the options i have configured previously.
Chat channels being open to all seems a hopeless case, but still it is in my wish list haha.
jumping to first and last card with control up/down as it was previously would be cool too.
when expanding a table with plenty of players from outside with the right arrow, it will be nice to announce the continuation without repeating the information all over again twice or so.
not sure any of these are easy to do but this is the list from top of the head :D
good luck!

6. Nightbird,

I'm sure I had more than one idea in mind, but the only one that hits my mind right now is, maybe adding the possibility of seeing more than the, I think, 32 posts we are able to see using the client? Applies for the forum and for permanent messages.

7. supanut2000,

Here are some of the features I like to see in the 3.0 release:

  1. When sending a private message, if you type '@' in the chat box a list of online friends should be present, thus making it easy to send private messages while, let's say, playing a game.
  2. If spectator mode is enabled, when joining a table something like 'spectator' should be present in parenthesies after the username, for example 'abc (spectator) has joined the table'. so that other players know that the person who just joined is only a spectator and so the whole game do not have to be stopped.
  3. Add bots for chess and a few other games.
  4. Ability to give a custom name to bots.

8. Nikola,

the second feature is already present. When a spectator joins, it will say, Howard has joined the table as a spectator.
For the first remark, simply open your friends list and press Ctrl m on the one you'd like to message and the chat box will be filled with @and their username.
The third one will probably not happen, since Chess bots require too much server power, but there have been talks about client side Chess bots so it's not imposssible.

9. supanut2000,

Oh really? Is the second feature I mentioned in my last post already in the current Playroom client?

10. magnumHurricane,

There's many, but I never wrote them down ever unfortunately so for now will mention the only that comes to mind (partly due to experience a cupple seconds ago).
Please, for the love of god increase the status char limit on qc. It is rediculously low, a sentence or two to a bair maximum is all that can be expressed in the current state of things. Even more social media platforms have way way more than this.

11. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Agreed @godfather. I think 90 characters is a bit on the tiny side. Of course, it is essential that status messages should be concise and not resemble essays, but that doesn't mean the maximum limit could not be increased to, say, 150-200 characters.
Speaking of new suggestions, I have a couple of my own to propose, if I may. The first one is detailed in this post: I shall not reiterate what I had already said lest I bore you, but the long and short of it is that adding chat aliases would be a huge quality-of-life feature, especially for those of us who use this platform as a space to socialise.
The second one is a bit sillier and perhaps less necessary, but it would still save a bit of time for folks who have accumulated a large number of friends. I don't know how easy it would be, but it would be nice if we had the ability to manually change the order in which people appear on our friends list. I suppose one of the ways in which that could be done is in much the same way that players can be assigned to various teams before a team game begins, namely with shift and the arrows.
Lastly, I think group private messages would be a useful addition to the various ways in which peoplle can get in touch on here. Example senario: Bob is playing uno, Bill is absent on the main room, Steve is hanging out at a free table and Tom is bored out of his mind and wants all the above players to join him at a crazy 25000-point quiz party table. Rather questionable if that would help alleviate his boredom, but never mind. Point is, if group messages existed, he could somehow reach out to all his friends at once and even send them a group invite, but I don't know if the latter would be a bit too much to ask for.
Anyway, thanks for reading if you've made it here. I was not expecting this to get that long so I apologise if I've put anyone to sleep, but I would truly love to see some of this stuff implemented. Keep up the good work, qc team. This place is the bomb.

12. unolover,

ithink there should be new games shush as skipbow

13. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

In my limited experience, new games are not necessarily released at the same time as client updates. I could be wrong there though.

14. HeraldicEagle,

Nice idea to ask for our suggestions here. My ideas also don't require too much work I guess.

  1. Add sounds for proposing a stream, people often overhear that there is stream on the table or that new song has been proposed, because it gets interrupted when you browse cards, write a message etc.
  2. Separate global channel, I don't want to hear that Putin left the table, DarthVader created a new one and Ronaldo joined Vader. But I want to hear that Aminiel got disconnected while we play uno so I can save the table if we have time limit or patiently wait. Currently if you turn global messages off you won't hear both things. Also some discrete sound for someone disconnecting and reconnecting on the table would be cool.
  3. vojvoda, available, friend: Hello people, this is my status message and you need to listen to this before you see where I am. Free table.
  4. Please reverse that firstly you hear where is someone and then his status message.
  5. Although I probably don't need to mention because you are anyways going to do that, add some new sounds, especially for citadels and duck racing, give us two different sounds for unread inbox and friend requests, but also allow us to change sound theme from the client, for example I created my custom sounds but I have to replace them with the old ones and replace back if I want default sounds, let me just create a new folder with new sounds and then change themes from the client.
  6. We want group private messaging chats! That one would be so much fun and so much useful to everyone here, I am certain.
  7. We want emojis on the forum and in status messages, as well as utf8.
  8. Add better statistics, in spades for example I see only how much rounds I played and what is my average points per round, but I want to see how many games I lost and won.
  9. If I remove you from my friends list I don't want you to have me in yours, there is a trick for this but let's make it official.
  10. Let us filter available, absent and busy players.
  11. I always wanted to have some filters where I could add non friends, I can make a list with chess players and open that list if I want to play chess without adding them to my friends list. If I play chess with someone it does not mean I want him in my friends list, especially because there is a limit of 200, but this way you could list 100 spades players, 100 duck racing players, 100 uno players etc. Now I need to open list of 500 online users browse and remember if that person plays the game I am inviting him on or not.

That's it for now, looking forward to the new client.

15. supanut2000,

I absolutely agree with those suggestions. Also another nice feature that I forgot to mention in my earlier post is the ability to perform a search, for both online users list and friends list. For people who have lots of friends, it can be hard to find a specific friend. Though the client puts onlinbe users first - which is alright, but it would've been better if we could perform a keyword search to find a specific person.

16. Nightbird,

Well, if you type the name of your friend on the menu, or the starting letter of their username, you will jump right to where their user is. Although, I also thought of the searching feature for some reason, forgot which one now.
Also would be nice if, somehow, you could select from which message you want to send a history report to the moderators, or to decide wether you want to send private messages or table messages, this, because, sometimes some of our private conversations could get in there, and that's not really nice...

17. James_Ketchup ,

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way but I'd find it great if there was an option to disable that down arrow delete shortcut thing. Not sure if it's a bug or if it's an intentional feature. Sorry if that was mentioned before. That's it really

18. Soundarya,

Hello, what is the down arrow delete shortcut? Nothing is happening if I press down arrow+delete, or delete+down arrow... could you please explain how to replicate it?

19. James_Ketchup ,

I think i described it incorrectly. When you're in the chat box and you hit down arrow while there's text in it, the text gets deleted. Could this be an issue on my side?

20. Soundarya,

Right, it happens here. So the history is saved on each line, but the current text is not saved until you send the message. I think it can be possible to have it temporarily saved, and delete it only if the user sends a different message? because i have lost many messages just by a silly down arrow.

21. James_Ketchup ,

Yes that is exactly what I'm talking about. I tend to press down arrow to review what I've written before sending but that doesn't seem to be possible on here

22. bogdanmuresan,

Hello. When it will be available the new playroom client?

23. Nightbird,

Another suggestion: when you block a person from a social network, you stop seeing that person, comments from that person, when the person is online, ETC... What about implementing it for PR, too? I mean, it's not fair that you block someone, yet they and you still can see where each other is and what does each other do. Of course it would apply for the one that blocks, and for the blocked one. Any thoughts?

24. Qais,

I agree with this suggestion.

25. YNWA,

Some of these suggestions are playroom suggestions and not really PR 3 suggestions as they can be implemented in version 2 or 3 if Aminiel agrees with the suggestion. Your status message is one example where if he wanted to change it tomorrow he could but it won't really change that much to the experience you already get and I am guessing he isn't really looking for that kind of thing in terms of bringing PR3 forward.

In RS if you play a person in a game who you have blocked you don't see their comments or they don't see your comments so you wouldn't know if they have said something rude/insulting about you to one of the other players you are playing with unless it is later reported to you by one of the other players in your game. Imagine the other players are laughing and you don't know why? It could be something normal or they could be laughing at your expense and that's why I would rather keep it it as it is.

26. Nightbird,

Then an exception could be free tables where you meet, because on forums this wouldn't happen, since there are admins, mods and players willing to report it, thus that problem would be avoided. Whether it's a playroom suggestion or a playroom3 suggestion, it's at the end a suggestion, and probably not hard to code, as @Aminiel specified he would like those suggestions to be.

27. Eragon,

how about a mac client as the web client not flexible enough to allow shortcuts?

28. Aminiel,


  1. Support for UTF-8 is certainly going to be better, because I'm now using WXWidgets library for the interface. I still don't have a mac but because of this choice, I'm getting nearer from a possible mac client.
  2. Down arrow in the chat field isn't a bug, it's related to chat history. So obviously no, it won't be removed. I don't well understand why it's a problem.
  3. The chat field won't be multiline, but you will be allowed to paste messages containing newlines. Lines will be merged.

Other suggestions I recall from the whole discussion so far aren't specific for the client.

I don't know what to say for chat aliases and/or channels yet. I need to analyze thorroughly the topic with other admins.

ABout blocking, it's going to be totally inconsist if other people at your table see messages that you don't see yourself. I have had bad experiences with that on old IRC servers and don't want to reproduce the mess here. A blocked user can't talk to you directly, but still can indirectly. I think it's better to keep it that way.

29. Soundarya,

Hello, I have heard that wx wigit works for linux too.
Does it mean that we will be able to use pr from linux?
Or there are other dependencies that need to be addressed?

30. Mohammedddd,

I suggest not appearing too late in the UNO game when one of the players causes it and its points are calculated at the end of the round or that it appears to him only because it is very annoying to the players
I ask Aminiel to pay attention to this suggestion because it will improve uno very much and will enable most players to get along with playing better, because a group of players may come and press their cards repeatedly and a role not with them, which annoys the rest of the players and delays them from playing

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