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1. jalpari,

hello guys, so I was just thinking that it would be great if this was impliminted. What if we add a time checker to see when someone entered/left the pr, or entered/left a particular table, or the time when someone sent us a pm or invitation. I understand that it will be difficult as different countries have different time zones, but it would be nice, if possible, to add like xyz has just entered the playroom 10 mins ago or something like that. Would love to hear your opinion regarding the same. Thanks

2. the-chaos,

how long ago the pm was sent is ok. how long ago people entered/left, creepy. I disapprove.

3. phoenix009,


It’d be great. However, rather than showing when they entered, it’d help to see when they were last active.
Again, as mentioned in post 1, it ain’t going to be easy to implement due to the differing timezones, so I’m not having high hopes about it.

4. theGodfather,

I... NO.
At most this can be implemented for when messages are posted in say public tables, or when pm's are sent, similar to any other chatting platform. (Do note, that is not what this is.) Entering and leaving however? Entirely unnecessary. Besides, this feature wouldn't exactly be high on my priority list anyway, as there's many other different casual yet very helpful features that would really enhance the experience were they implemented. The autoinvite/tm, or the char limit lengthening in statuses/table titles, for example. Hey though, that's just me.

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5. the-chaos,

on further reflections, Could be nice if you can turn it off. Only the Last scene part, that is.

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6. Pool,

oh, the-pointless-yet-popular-feature of every social media. honestly I dont think it's needed but depends on person to person so, I think not everyone's comfortable sharing the last seen stuff. giving an option to customise it would be needed if we're going with it.

7. Nikola,

I believe this was previously suggested and it was concluded it wasn't possible without a major redesign, other than the last seen feature which was previously available but got disabled due to privacy concerns.

8. Pary,

I do agree that it will be a privacy concern if such a feature got implemented. It can be a good compromise to show only the table invite time, PM time, but not the playroom leaving/entering time. It should be configurable in the privacy settings though because one may not like getting monitored the whole time on playroom.
As far as time zones are concerned, I believe the system time can be monitored to show relative time such as 15 minutes ago, 30 minutes ago etc.

9. StormProductions,


I don't really understand those that don't want to show their last seen time. Really, what's so bad about it regarding privacy? How would it break your privacy if a person knows when you were last connected to Playroom?

10. lussy,

I totally agree with Storm ????

11. YNWA,

You can put the reverse argument. What's it to do with you when I come and go in the PR? In the previous system anybody could access that info even if they are not on your friends list. If you could choose who sees that info it is different but you couldn't.

If you are so bothered about people knowing when you last came into the PR you can always put when you last left the PR as part of your status message every time you left the PR so your friends will know. Although, I bet nobody takes up this suggestion or would carry it on for long...

The point I was making was a number of people in the PR always want to know what someone is up to but when you reverse that situation it is a different story.

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12. aidenn,

I honestly disagree with Phoenix, I would like to be informed if my friends into the play room, who cares about when they were active, I just want to know where they are, when they enter, when they leave,

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