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1. chuhiya_princess,

hello guys, I think that it will be great if we had an option called attach file, or something like, for inbox messages, if we want to send files to someone via permanent msg as this will be much easier and faster as compared to mail or anything else. Your feedback on this please. Thanks.

2. SheldonCooper,

Hey, It looks great.

3. Nikola,

it probably isn't good for the server space, and i assume the Playroom doesn't want the responsibility of what type of file you are sending and whether it's illegal / copyrighted content going through it's server and possibly causing trouble. Even though the rules are clearly against this, you know how people are and that if such a feature was there, many would probably use it to send pirated software / music or other disallowed content. Nowadays, you can find many websites that allow you to upload a file and get a temporary link that can last from a week up to a month, so it shouldn't be so hard.

4. delmar-barry,

What if playroom allowed a max size so it wouldn't take that much space? And if you want to discuss copyrighted material you are going to do it anyway, no need for attachments :D I agree with that there are already enough file storing places though.

5. SheldonCooper,

Agreed. just out of curiocity, which ones do you like for sending files? i mean which ones are easiest to use.

6. Nikola,

discussing or directly attaching something using Playroom's servers are two very different things. Of course, as per the rules, you aren't allowed to discuss it either, but your private chats remain private. On the contrary, there are nowadays DMCA bots that work by analysing hashes of every uploaded file and flagging the material if it's copyrighted, which could go into some serious and quite unnecessary trouble.
IN the end, the one to decide is the developer himself, and if it can be assured that no problems can be caused, why not, I am not against the idea, just mentioning a possible issue that can in fact be quite serious.

As for good temporary upload sites, there are places like or
Usually they aren't too restrictive and allow you quite large file sizes, with the note that they often as I already said are time limited links.

However, nowadays also you get many very good free cloud storage files, for example OneDrive 5 GB or Google drive 15 GB, so you can practically get 20 Gigabites for sharing without paying anything which isn't bad at all. You will however notice that even they as big companies won't allow you to add copyrighted content, and depending on how popular a certain file is, your links could very well get banned if you share something problematic, so I advise you to be careful there as well.

7. Aminiel,


The two biggest problems with a file sharing feature have already been mentioned.

We clearly can't take the risk, even if the contents would be deleted after 24 or 48 hours only. A site can be quickly taken down just because of a stupid person.

ABout disk space, limiting file size per upload de facto make the service more or less painful to use and as a consquence, more or less useless eventually.

There are enough services out there to let you share your files, them being legal or not.

8. facelessghost,

Hey, everybody!
Here's a good resource on file transfers.
The thing about it is that it transfers the file directly from the computer to the computer without
you have to wait for it to upload to the server.
only while the file transfer is in progress, do not close the browser with the page
to which you uploaded the file.
Once you've inserted it in there, you need to find the link under the name
creat link.
there you will get a link to pass on to the recipient.
It is possible to implement such a concept, the file is not stored on the server, and is downloaded via the Internet to the user's computer.
Well, you're right, there are plenty of resources.

9. YNWA,

You miss the point there are many ways to send files etc but the PR can't be seen to endorse it. It is the same really with streaming copyright material. I am sure it won't be the people that did it would be paying the fine. In the UK they now get court orders to force internet providers to block the website concerned.

10. piathekiller,

guys, I use fromsmash. the site is great. 'u can load files and send. if you file as many of 2 gb, the serverd sayd need wait 24 hours, and after you be coming you link for 7 days.

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