Suggestion for a feature called night mode

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1. JoshYork,

I really enjoy playing games on this system at all times of the day. However, I have my laptop computer hooked to a powerful stereo, and as a musician, I love my bass to be up, as well as my treble. However, when I play 100 Miles or Duck Racing, there are some cards that when played, produce too much bass. For instance, playing a Reparation card in 1000 Miles is very rumbly. Playing a Suicide card in Duck Racing, or landing on a mine, as well as explosive candy really sounds like an explosion, and we have no idea when our opponent is going to play a suicide. So it would be great if we could play some of these games in night mode, which would turn down the bass on some of these sounds to keep people who live in apartments but yet have powerful stereo systems from running the risk of getting into trouble. Thanks for your time, and I love the system!

2. Nikola,

what you can do is decrease the volume of the sounds yourself so they are not that loud by pressing f7, f 8 increases the volume.
In addition, if you like, you can also replace the appropriate sound files themselves if you find the default ones still uncomfortable.
The sounds are located in C:/users/Your name/App data/Roaming/QCGC/sounds
Here only keep the same file names and the Ogg format.

3. YNWA,

That's what headphones were invented for.

Don't stereos have presets enabling you to create your own night mode for games??

4. JMouse,

Use headphones if you're that concerned about it. Either that, or, if you can EQ your system that works too. I've got a large system over here in the studio and I tend to use headphones at night and what not

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