suggestion for QUIZ PARTY.

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1. Rayo.bgtr ,

Hello! I understand that this may not apply, but I think it is appropriate to suggest that the questions and who answered and what they answered, in addition to the correct answer, this for the viewers, should appear. it would have to be done after everyone has answered the question, to avoid cheating. in addition to making it more interesting to show the quiz games, we would all gain from knowingly playing or not playing the game. greetings, and if my idea is very crazy, then let's try to give logical suggestions for it to be put into practice.

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2. Nikola,

I basically agree that spectators should see the questions.
I am not sure why this was done like this.
To prevent cheating doesn't really make sense in my opinion, it would take you a second to send the question to a friend if that was your intention. It just ruins the game in regards to spectating, and hopefully at some point this can be reconsidered.

Perhaps if you are really concerned with cheating, make it so that when spectators chat, their messages are only sent during the break in between questions and are delayed until the timer expires. In my opinion even this is unnecessary as people will easily find other ways to chat.

At the end of the day those who play Quiz party for fun won't even think about cheating and will have a good time, those who think about cheating in this kind of game will always find a way.

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3. YNWA,

I can understand spectators not seeing the questions from the start as we did not have enough questions and you wouldn't want spectators learning the questions when we had say 3,000 or 4,000 questions but now I agree that spectators should see the questions so I for one am not against it. The chances of seeing the same questions again within a week are remote. If they can remember the answer after that then good luck to them.

The question is to anybody reading this is can you see the questions if you are a spectator in Duck Racing? It should be the same for both games.


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