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1. Rayo,

I come to suggest a new option for free tables. The idea was from my friend @EL-DRAGON but I decided to take it seriously.
Well, the idea is about a list of favorite users for a table, so we can be able to select some users so that you don't need to invite them and they would be able to join, even if the table is pribate.
In case the table master wants to be alone, then he can deactivate it or delete the users in that list. It would be something like the list of banned users.
In this way, if the table master is not there, because he went to eat some tacos al pastor or something the players in that list would be able to join. Thanks for reading.

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2. Maiya,

Hi! I absolutely agree. I don't know how it could be done, but I think it would be a real good option with private tables. HOpe you consider it :)

3. Corona,

I like the idea, it could be interesting, it is someting like BIP people.

4. jalpari,

hello. Another option can be, the table master can change his/her privacy settings, who can join my public tables, to friends only, and then make the table public in that case, he/she will not have to invite people everytime

5. Nikola,

I actually prefer if this was done another way, but it was already suggested this way and Aminiel didn't agree with the concept.
Basically, you should simply be able to set the password for your table, and then you can easily choose who you want to share it with.
In the join a table menu, they would be displayed and it would be clear they have a password, for example, password protected free table with Nikola.
There, after pressing enter on it you will be asked to enter a password and join if it is correct.

Note that with this, I don't mean that we should abandon our current system of private tables. They should exist as well. This system of password protected tables is good so if you are always chatting with the same community of people and don't want others to join, they would simply always know the password and be able to join your table without constantly needing to message you and ask to be invited if you set the table as private.
On the other hand, setting your privacy to friends only isn't always a solution, since you often add many people to your friends list because they play a particular game you like and you want to invite them to games you all are interested.

I believe this would be a very useful addition.

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