Suggesting a new game: snakes and ladders!

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1. MuhammadHajjar,

I think it's a game that's well known by most people, and many of us know its very simple rules. Playing this on the QuentinC platform would be something pretty fun. What do you think?

2. Fawaz,

if it is so simple, should be as fun as shut the boxes is.

3. Aminiel,


I'm not going to repeat everything, but to make it short and simple: this would be a press enter game, and so is totally uninteresting.

4. medhansh,

i want to say that snake and ledders is not similar to shut the boxes

5. Nikola,

According to the rules, it isn't, but the gameplay online would consist only of pressing enter.
In fact, I would argue that Shut the boxes could easily have been a better game where you did not spam only enter if the order of the boxes was random.

Here however, other than rolling a die you really have nothing else to do, and I am honestly interested if anybody plays this type of game online and what they find interesting about it.
In real life, with social interaction you could play anything stupid and have fun, but over the Internet it's a different story.

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