Suggestion about the next update

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1. aidenn,

Hello, don’t you think it would be nice if they could have a voice chat? Maybe not the web client, but for the windows version, can you be a voice chat? Thanks

2. Mmarina,

Short answer is no.
This was suggested many times, and the answer was that it's not necessary you have tons of other tools to do that, because this would slow down the server.

3. ashishchhetri,

Hi all I found a bug in 1000 miles
In this game we can junk attacking card so solve this problem

4. Nikola,

first, this is a wrong topic to post about this, better to create a new one and also read the first post of a topic you are replying to.
That being said, what you are describing isn't a bug, or at least it doesn't look like it based on your description.
If you press delete or J, you can junk any card of your choice.
If, however, you are trying to say that when pressing enter on an attacking card it asks you to junk it instead of attacking your opponent, most likely the cumulation of problems optional rule is not activated.
In that case, you are not able to attack your opponent until he solves all the other problems and starts his car.

Hope that helps.

5. ashishchhetri,

First iam sorry for that
In 1000 miles we can junk attacking card when cumulation of problem is be enabled so fix this bug in next update

6. Nikola,

as I have said, if you use delete or j, it's normal. It is your choice to junk any card you wish.

It's also possible you are trying the same attack multiple times.
Cumulation of problems doesn't mean that you can use the same attack twice, for example play 2 accidents before the first one is repaired, it only means that you can play multiple problems of a different type.

I did a quick test and there doesn't seem to be anything strange, so without more information I don't think anybody can help further.

If you take everything I said into account and are still sure there is a bug somewhere, try to describe the situation a little better.

7. aidenn,

OK, but I was wondering if I can contact but RS has voice chat, and RS is just like this

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