Invite a bot

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1. pikseldash,

Proposition for fun.
I wonder if you could add the option to select the bot to add to the game from the bots list.

2. Ephyra,

Cool idea. :D

3. JMouse,

Not a bad idea.

4. john_lennon,

yes that sounds great. Specially when we don't like all the bots xd. I usually am 5 minutes trying to find my favorite bot or some of them that likes me xd.

5. Ephyra,

Hahahaha me too.

6. MuhammadHajjar,

Nice suggestion. It would allow me to kicke the hell out of any duck's butt because they think they rule all birds.

7. Mohammedddd,

I do not know if there is a difference between robots, because I see them perform the same performance and there is no difference between them except for the names

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