suggestion for uno bots

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1. Rory101,

I think that in uno we should be able to select the difficult of the bots to make them faster at interceptions and things like that.
Currently I can beat them around 90% of the time

2. jackson95,

For me it’s 100% of the time. Between them constantly bluffing with Wild draw fours, and their interceptions, They can never stop me! I believe that the difficulty settings should work just like chess. I believe that this will take a lot of work from the developer, but it would be interesting to have.

3. Nikola,

probably the main problem here is that unlike Chess, those bots are server side and not client side, thus making them very fast might have more costs for the server resources.
This is only my guess though, there may be another reason behind it.

I agree that they should not bluff for no reason though.

4. jackson95,

That makes a lot of sense. If there were to be Many tables of Uno with bots going on at once, that could put a lot of stress on the server.

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