Advertizing with Quentincy's GameRoom

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1. TheTechPianoPlayerKid,

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to advertize with Quentincy's GameRoom like how people can with RSGames. Is this possible? I am just curious. I hope I have this in the right topic area.

2. Aminiel,


I have always been quite against all forms of advertisements on the Internet.
They only bring annoyance to users without any benefit.
I find that adding annoying ads just to make users pay to remove them is quite a bad business model as well.

I don't like all those who do that, and try to avoid them whenever possible. It would be kind of hypocrisy to impose that to you if I don't like it myself, right ?
So, a long as the playroom doesn't need extra money to be kept online, and as long as I'm not myself in a desesperate need of money, I don't want to pollute the world with ads.

Regarding ads in general, I personally think that ads are the cancer of the Internet.
Nobody want them but They still go everywhere; They are bad for performance, bad for mental health, bad for the planet. They must disappear.

Side note: if you are happy with the playroom and want to make sure that it will continue and that ads won't ever appear, you can make a donation. WE warmly thank all those who do that, by the way.
It doesn't need to be that much. A few people chose to give us 2, 3 or 5€ every month, while some other make a one shot donation. In any case, it's always welcome. Anyone is free to give or don't give depending on their possibilities and on how much they feel the playroom is worth it for them.

3. dragonoid,

personally i really love the playroom, but i can't pay to support it

4. Aminiel,

personally i really love the playroom, but i can't pay to support it

That's no problem at all.

We will try to keep the playroom free and leave donations totally optional as long as we can do it.

5. dragonoid,

i know, but i really love your product and i can't do anything about it

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