Sudoku puzzles: how daring can your logic be?

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1. Mrityunjay,

I would like to suggest implementation of Sudoku puzzles on playroom. that would be great! explaination here:
The puzzles could be implemented in such a way that either one person, or multiple people can solve the same puzzle. whosoever solves them first wins. there could also be a time limit kind of thing where you play like blitz against another player, or play it yourself and try to beat the time you took earlier while solving the same. there could be distinct difficulty levels, easy, medium, hard, and insane, just like reversi; each difficulty level having their own distinct puzzles arranged in the increasing level of difficulty.
I am eager to know if it's viable, and what everyone else thinks about this idea.

2. magnumHurricane,

I like that idea a lot.

3. anonymous,

Sounds fun!

4. Soundarya,

Indeed. Good strategical game.

5. Rincewind ,

That would be really good if it were possible to bring here

6. YNWA,

I think this suggestion would be interesting. I have never played the game but know the RNIB do stock it and there are plenty of books about the game. I certainly would be interested in learning how to play so yes it would be great to add your suggestion.

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