guided mistles in duck racing

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1. ProjectZ,


so I think that in the game of duck racing, if you're on the first lap, (say square 4 or 5) other players can not use guided mistles on you.

think about it: it sends you back about 15 squares, and if you're on lap 1, just getting started- how can you go back?. it makes sense if you're on lap 2 or 3- because you can go back and the game still makes sense
you can't go back on lap 1. how can you go back if you've not even made a full lap of the board?

also I think it would be good to have an option (if you want to) to not use cards on the first lap round the board to give people a chance to get round and do 1 lap

2. ashishchhetri,

Hi if you are square 4 or 5 in lab 1 you go back 10 square when someone use guided misile then you will be on lab 0 square 25. Thanks

3. RedHotCharliePepper,

I like the cards the way they are. You are essentially starting on lap 0 square 30 as the starting line, but no one can drop a card there. If you go back 10 you are still in lap 0, but on square 20.

Knowing how to play your cards strategically can make up for that 10 square deficit relatively quickly. I se many players dropping cards randomly like bots.

Wading water for instance. I had someone start a game and they dropped it on square 4. So I land on it, pick up a feather and a card, go back 2 and pick up 3 more feathers. I say thank you for that. I get more out of it than the opponent sending me back only 2 squares. Play it on 13 and your opponent goes back 2 and skips a turn. The same with dropping it on 23 and potentially on 21. Drop it on 20 and they go back 2 and skip 2 turns. Dropping it on 18 throws them into the whirlpool and the results of that can work in your favor or not. Anyway, that's just one of many strategies.

4. JMouse,

I to like the cards the way they are right now

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