bots in quiz party

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1. ProjectZ,


this might be a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway: why can't bots play quiz party?

in duck racing, bots have no problems answering the questions (I don't know how they know these things, but they are getting ever inteligent) and I imagine in uno (I've not played it here), but I imagine that the bots can pick the colors they want when they play wild- so I don't see choosing the category an issue

so why can't bots play quiz party?

2. YNWA,

I can't say I am an expert on bots but I would suggest bots would be programmed up to a certain level/competence which can be done well enough for most games. How can you teach a bot about the history of World war II or about food? The fact is you can't so you would be just be asking it to select A, B, C or D for every question you play. This is not really ideal for Duck racing. However, Quiz questions for Duck racing are a smaller part of the game so it works out well enough.

I do feel players should be able to play Quiz party against themselves in the same way 2 players would. You choose from 3 categories as normal, answer the question and play on. It would be possible to compile a leader-board on the most consecutive answers. Those players would be gaining knowledge so would be learning from the game. Those that don't feel quite confident enough to play against others would benefit from playing individually as would those requiring more time such as those with a hearing impairment or other issues.

3. Vojvoda,

I don't even think you need bots in quiz party, it would be enough if you could play it with yourself as a practice.

4. augma,

i want to ask that how can someone playes with himself

5. YNWA,

You can get a lot out of playing Quiz party because the game is educational and can help people learn new things and that is why it can work as an individual game or can be played with others as it is now. Quiz party is not the only educational game here. Cribbage is another example

6. dragonoid,

well it says you can't play alone when i want to play alone, so, How is this done exactly?

7. YNWA,

You can't play alone as you said and that is why we are asking to be able to play alone. Some times you can sit there waiting for players to come so to be able to play by yourself would be a great help while waiting for others.

8. dragonoid,

thing is, can't aminuel make the bots choose random answers like in duck racing? Or does he want the bots to be a little creative. And yes aminiel, please make us able to play alone. I'm voting with the rest

9. YNWA,

As I said in a previous post and Aminiel has already said you can't play with bots and that is correct. You would ask the bot to choose A, B, C or D. Bots don't sit around all day Reading books, listen to music, or watch TV. However, it is possible with a few modifications to choose a category and answer the question as you would do if you were playing 2, 3 or 4 players in Quiz Party. This is worth doing as you would learn from the questions and who knows you may find someone who wants to play if you have that table open.

10. Rory101,

I have a suggestion for bots in quiz party.
Each bot, you can select it's smartness level.
From good at nothing, which has a 30 percent chance to get things right.
Then, you have good at 1 category, which gets 65% of questions right in a random category, and also makes it want that category over the others.
Then you have good at 2 and good at 3, then expert at 1, 2 and 3, which answers 90% of questions in those random categories correctly.
ALso, you can select how much percent chance it has to get right questions in a category it's not good at, to simulate a general level of knowledge with quizzes.

11. SheWolf,

In my opinion is stupid to add bots in quiz party. Not sure whether the AI can figure out the right answer, or just pick the random one. But the idea to play with yourself is perfect.

12. Tomato,

Yeah bots would ruin quiz party. They’re either too smart or too dum. Humans, on he other hand,can make it fun with the unpredictability and, hey, sometimes opens up conversations

13. supanut2000,

I totally agree with some sort of a practice mode where you can play with yourself. For bots...I don't really know, I think to make it work would involve quite a lot of programming for the bots.

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