Suggestion: Adding a keyboard shortcut to check your ping within qc

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1. James_Ketchup ,

Hi Aminiel, I have a suggestion for convenience. I know that it's possible to check the ping to the QC server externally, but I was wondering if you could add a keystroke to do so within the client. Perhaps something like shift+f2 would work? It would be useful for Uno, to see what kind of lag you will have to deal with before you start a game. Thanks.

2. the-chaos,

notion seconded. good idea.

3. theGodfather,

I think all the avid uno players round here would probably be in full agreement with this one. For the record, so am I.

4. sillho,

strangely i just tought about it while playing uno and just after i found a subject about it in the forrum lol

5. Rory101,

I also think this would be a useful feature, especially considering, well I don't know what, but for me the difference between lag in version 2.0 and 3.0 is astronomical, in 2.0 I sometimes have 1100 ping or more, in 3.0, only 200 or 300.

6. phoenix009,

This would not be as hard to implement as well.

7. StormProductions,

Fully agree. Very useful.

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