A different kind of private tables.

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1. JamesPotter,

Hi there. thinking of suggestions to contribute that at least to me and I hope others will find it useful, would be to add a type of private table that you can add a list of people who can join. that is, you have your group of friends and you do not want anyone else to join the table, but you have to be aware that your friends enter the room and invite them, instead you could have a list of people who can skip the private option at that table.

2. Vojvoda,

I suggested the thing with setting a password to your table which your friends would know, but Aminiel thought it would not be useful.

3. fire-starter,

na password protected tables aren't needed in my opinion
Wouldn't this come own to inviting? I don't see the point really. Considering you can just invite everyone.

4. Naday,

But sometimes you are just away. Maybe if the tables wouldn't be visible but you could type the password by pressing ctrl j on someone's user?

5. Adventure-Time,

Oh I think this is a great idea.

6. Sylphrena,

Here's why some form of predefined list of privileged users / password makes sense, in solely my personal opinion:

Seems like there are many ways to approach this problem, and personally I don't have a preference one way or another, but I definitely think that the need is there.

7. Tomato,

This has been done before for another platform. They don’t have free tables but to join a private game, you must enter a password that only your friends know. It works well..
The thing i found when a friend has made a table and you weren’t there to join at the creation, you can’t enter. For example, if a friend did a free table before you logged on and you came half an hour later, you can’t join. It says that message that means only friends can join but doesn’t seem accurate. What if,however, you can just have automatic access as your friends?
Llike you click on it and can enter due to a match of each other on the friend list?

8. majoz,

Hello, in fact, I think that having the groups and group chat, as there was mentioned before on the forum, would be appropriate for this. You just create a group with the players you want to give the access to, and then you would be able to set which of your groups could join your table.

9. Pool,

or may be you can add a feature to asign more than one masters / administraters of a table. that way it'll be easier to manage a bigger table and tackle the issue of one master being away.

10. StormProductions,

I totally agree with having password-protected tables. Considering that you can invite only up to 4 people unless one of them joins, it's kind of a hasle to invite more people. If we would have protected tables, people can leave and join whenever they wish, without being invited over and over.

11. JamesPotter,

It would be nice to add it, but the admins have not given an answer of no or it will be considered.

12. Mohammedradwan2003,

just you guys for your knowledge, a table on here is called micro zift something, and it is a free table, mareena 7 made it so that some people can join and the others get the message you are banned from that table you are not allowed to join it! and they made it that no one is allowed to ask for an invitation, so they made it for who they want

13. Qais,

haha,just for your knowledge, I made this table and i've ban all our friends except those we allow to join.

Zuletzt geändert von Qais, Oct 14 2021 04:40:02

14. Mohammedradwan2003,

oopse ok, i thought you banned the whole playroom :D

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