translation error in 1000 miles

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1. dragonoid,

hello guys.
Since the translation errors topic is closed, i'd like to report this here. There's a typo in 1000 miles. It says player1 plays a Accident card against player2!. It should be, player1 plays an Accident card against player2!

2. Nikola,

first regarding the translation errors topic, as far as I know it isn't closed.
However, there were no new posts since more than 3 months, so it is impossible to reply from the Windows client.
You should still be able to do it via Web though.

Regarding the error you mentioned, I believe this one isn't a simple translation error.
The article a is simply used for all the cards, so it would require a code involved modification to fix this kind of thing. I have noticed these too but never reported for this reason.

3. Naday,

If it can't be fixed, this one yes. There's an extra-space between the word "you" and the exclamation mark.

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