Suggestion for the forum through the client.

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1. James_Ketchup ,

I'm not sure if this has been suggested before or not but I feel as though it'd be great if we were able to press a shortcut to move through the pages of a forum thread. Maybe something like shift or ctrl right arrow to move to the next page; shift left arrow or ctrl left arrow to go to the previous page.
Having a way to jump to the top of the discussion would also be great. I know this is all doable through the web. However, I thought it'd be convenient to have it on the client as well. Maybe I'm just lazy

2. Fawaz,

If you mean by jump to the top is to jump to the first post in the page, simply you can press the Home key.
Similarly, you can press end to locate the next / previous page button faster.

3. Nikola,

I believe when jumping to top / bottom, James is looking for a way to quickly jump to the first / last page of a topic, which can be quite useful if a given topic has more than 3 pages for example, especially considering the fact that due to a server limitation you can't rapidly press the next page item 3 times to move 3 pages forward and have to wait about 10 seconds between each press.

Of course, with the current setup, viewing via the Web is much more practical.
I'm hoping that this can be improved. I agree that using left / right arrows for example to switch pages when possible would be quite nice.

I would also like it if the bug when going back could be fixed at some point. Right now, if you open recent topics, for example, and then press next page, you are on page 2. Now, if you open a topic and then exit out of it once you are done reading, you are returned to page 1, rather than page 2 where you have previously been. This is particularly annoying if you were further than page 2.


4. Fawaz,

TBH i don't find that many lengthy topics on this forum although it'd be nice to have for sure.
However, I'd love to see Zanzabar bugs getting fixed.
just a sidenote on the mention of the bugs :)

5. James_Ketchup ,

It's more useful for places such as the spanish forum where threads with many posts are very common.

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