Game options should be re-designed

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1. kumandan,

Instead of having yes-no questions, the options should be toggles like in the playroom settings. This yes-no design makes it a bit impractical to re-configure an option once I configured it wrong.

2. majoz,

A really good and usefull idea! Supporting this with all of my five thumbs up. :)

3. Naday,

I think it's a great suggestion. :)

4. Nikola,

I fully agree as well.

Perhaps the reason this was never done before is because in some cases, an option doesn't appear at all if a previous option was not selected, and also many games have options that aren't a simple yes / no choice.
For example, in Uno, if you don't say yes to interceptions, you obviously won't be asked at all for super interceptions, however this could be solved by simply indicating when an option is unavailable.

For example, for every game, if you say no to default options, a menu of all available options in a list should appear. If it's a yes / no choice it could be a simple checkbox, and in my example above, if you unchecked interceptions, the option below for super interceptions could say something like unavailable, or even better, if you simply check the checkbox for super interceptions both interceptions and super interceptions could be enabled in one press, and when an option isn't a simple yes / no choice, upon pressing enter on the option in this new options menu you could be presented with a list of possible choices for that option.

I hope that is taken into account and at one point setting options for games gets redesigned. As the original poster said, if you make a mistake while configuring the last option in a game, for example, you have to start the process all over.
I guess this is the most annoying in Uno where there are many optional rules to configure.

5. unolover,

ithink it is a bad idia bcouse it inhibbits players form playing thay thay want to

6. Adventure-Time,

Great suggestion I think. It would be certainly more practical like that.

7. Vojvoda,

This is a really great suggestion. would make the life much easier. Pressing enter would focus you on the first option which would be to start the game with default options, down would be stuff to adjust and to set teams if possible. Very great for all games especially for Uno or Miles.

8. James_Ketchup ,

Yeah, it'll also be great for us with slower connections. When setting up uno games, the list lags if we press enter too fast which forces us to restart the process. The simple solution would just be to do it slower but this new menu could completely eliminate the issue.

9. Mortem,

Yep I agree fully with this one as well. It would make for a far cleaner user interface.

10. Aminiel,


It's pretty sure that game options will be redesigned at some point to make them more coherent with eachother. Currently, in some games you have to press Alt+O, while in some others, questions are asked everytime you start a new game, to show anoter example of incoherence.
Effectively, many games will benefit from a single screen where you can set options, rather than the current state where you ave questions asked one after the other.

Sadly I can't really tell you when it will be done, or if it's going to be more or less soon or not. It's on the to do list, but not really on the top unfortunately.

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