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Some Issues Concerning History Report

mayya 2 wolfi,

Bugs and suggestions to duck racing

majoz 2 majoz,

Duck racing musical duels - a possible bug report or just a misunderstanding

Nikola 11 Naday,

A major bug with Duck racing, occasional game crash with frozen players

Nikola 1 meutwo,

Web Client Text Goes Too Fast

bbsshawn 16 Nikola,

general playroom problem

meow 2 meow,

Something i found in duck racing: typo.

EmeraldSnow 3 EmeraldSnow,

web client problems

ekarin 19 ekarin,

ChromeVox says new line after every message in the web client.

slannon 3 Bopitmaster16,

Annoying web client focus behavior in board games

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Problems with multiple client connections

Dracula-Vampira 10 Naday,

friends list problam

Zelon 4 Zelon,

Problam in leave the playroom

Rizwan 4 Rizwan,

Issues while creating a new account, incorrect validation emails arriving

Nikola 4 Serena,

Notification sound bug

Emrah20 1 Nikola,

Funny web client bug

Dracula-Vampira 0 Dracula-Vampira,

Duck Racing position bug

slannon 2 slannon,

domino eror

sessiz 7 ibraheemmohsen,

how do we play 2048 and why does nothing happen on any key press

whozitken 6 Aminiel,

uno bug

ibraheemmohsen 1 Aminiel,

Adding myself to list of my friends

Koo_Loo_Cheh 6 amirmahdifard,

Playroom screen reader statistics broken?

Nikola 3 Aminiel,

Wrong mate detection

Olteanca_Dolanescu 1 Aminiel,

Monopoly: The game gets blocked if saving during an auction

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Latest participations taking a long time to open

Nikola 13 StormProductions,

The windows client.

avatar 26 Nikola,

Bug in streeming:

kamalakannan 2 kamalakannan,

bug with the chess

mr.miguel 2 mr.miguel,

the windows client is not responding

Mohammedradwan2003 0 Mohammedradwan2003,

i have error

mohammadabdulwahab 9 ibraheemmohsen,

A minor bug with selection of teams using Jaws

Nikola 1 Aminiel,

Funny bug is back

Soundarya 1 the-chaos,

bug with jaws

Mohammedradwan2003 3 Mohammedradwan2003,

Playroom client 3.0 beta

Aminiel 353 Mohammedradwan2003,

Bugs in web client from linux

Soundarya 1 Snake_Eyes,

Unable to log on through client.

BinAkceyeBirNasihat 4 BinAkceyeBirNasihat,

Bug in 99

JMouse 6 YNWA,

Email Bug

mad-gamer 0 mad-gamer,

account creation validation email not sent correctly

mikeSethreth 1 Snake_Eyes,

Spades teambots playing differently than opponents

Vojvoda 0 Vojvoda,

Something strange about duck racing, a random card obtained when frozen

Nikola 1 Chocolate-Icecream ,

Invalid Ban relating to VPN

Stormy 17 Sylphrena,

Monopoly bug

StormProductions 1 lussy,

repeating updating qc over and over again?

mikeSethreth 3 mikeSethreth,

A bug with history

MRSSquish 4 MRSSquish,

Chess checkmate detection bug.

ajackpot 0 ajackpot,

Magic blocks and leveling question

Nikola 17 Nikola,

Bot was given 8 points for a three of a kind in Cribbage

RosieKitty 4 YNWA,

Main Magic block's music

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

Playroom bug with NVDA

supanut2000 3 Mohammedradwan2003,

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