Bug in 99

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1. JMouse,

Hello there, so I have found a bug in 99. When the amount of pennies reaches 0 for a player, it doesn't automaticly kick the player out at said round. Instead, it keeps said player in until they fake lose that penny. That don't make sence to me.

2. Nikola,

it's not exactly a bug, but I can see why it would be confusing.
Think of it as betting tokens.
As long as you have something to give, you can continue playing. When you give your last penny away, you can still play, but the next time you have to lose a penny again, you are out of the game.

3. Sylphrena,

Actually, I agree that it's a bug but we've been playing (and probably learned the game itself here in the first place) for too long that we have come to accept the game as it is. The rules say "If one or more players have no token to deposit anymore, they are immediately out of the game", which should be when they have 0 tokens. That actually makes the most sense as well.

4. Aminiel,


It's not a bug, it works as Nikola says. Maybe I need to rephrase explanations in the rules page. I mean if you have to pay a token and can't, then you are out of the game, but as long as you don't need to pay a token, you don't need to have any.

5. YNWA,

You start at 9 pence unless you change it and go down to 0 meaning you have nothing else to give as aminiel has already said. 0 in this case means you have nothing more to give.

It is the same with Monopoly, you can still play with £0 until you owe another player money and go below £0.

6. JMouse,

Ah, I see now. Didn't think of it that way. So sorry for the confusion.

7. YNWA,

It is good to put it there as others would have been thinking the same thing. I have asked that question to myself before. With Monopoly it is more than 1 so unlikely to go exactly to 0 but I am sure it would have happened in the PR before.

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