The windows client.

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1. avatar,

I was playing this morning on the windows client, and now it won't let me log back in. It makes the sounds like it is connecting, but the connection isn't going through. Yet, I don't seem to have the same problem logging in on other devices. What could I have done to cause this?

2. Nikola,

it doesn't seem to be anything on your side, because at present the Playroom is down for me as well.
The website obviously works, but I can't connect neither from the Windows nor the Web client.

3. Aeon ,

Even I can't login, seems like the Playroom is down for everyone. I waited for a minute or so, it took me to the service page. There it said:

"Nothing to say".

"Everything is working".

I also tried to connect via the web-client, but that isn't working on this side too.

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4. supanut2000,

I experienced that too moments ago, but as of the time I'm writing this reply the Playroom seems to be back up and running.

5. EmeraldSnow,

Felt like ghost town, everyone is absent almost. Guess it will be back to normal soon now.

6. Aeon ,

The Playroom is back up again.

7. Aminiel,


There was indeed a playroom outage on 11th of January, approximately between 02:00 and 07:30 AM UTC. The cause was an hardware problem that foreced a reboot of the machine. While the web server is restarted automatically after reboot, that's not the case for the game server.

WE are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that the hardware problem won't occur again.

8. magnumHurricane,

I wonder if said hardware problem is also causing the sudden lag spike me and many others I know are experiencing? Things such as delays with sounds being played, menus taking extremely long to load(those concerning the server that is, such as while connecting to the forum via windows client), etc.

9. Mayank,

I can confirm this. It's happening here as well. I've noticed this on uno, there's a delay in sounds, something I've never experienced before. I'll observe if this is elsewhere as well.

Edit: yes, this is happening with other sounds as well

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10. Mohammedradwan2003,

i can confirm that such bug happened on december and i could not connect to the playroom, had to reinstall after 20 days or so, i asked on the forums but no one cared

11. the-chaos,

happens for me even on free tables, not just uno. weird delay in sounds, text comes first, then sounds after a second or two. the ping is well in the range of 140 to 160 as usual.

12. magnumHurricane,

In addition, my settings do not appear to save. Yesterday I adjusted my option for when chats should be read, but the behaiviour hasn't changed so far. Same with some sound settings I aulterred today, mainly the audio output which I was trying to set to null in hopes of getting rid of some of the lag.

13. Nikola,

regarding saving settings, it's possible you encountered the same configuration conflict I once did.
Go to the folder where your Playroom is installed, if you haven't changed the default on a 64 bit system it is C:\Program Files (x86)\QuentinCGameroom
There, check if a file called config.ini exists.
If it does, delete it.
Normally, there should be only one configuration file, in your user folder\app data\roaming\qcgCWX30.
However, if another file exists in the Playroom directory, the client seems to get confused and loads the file from that directory, but then when writing your newly changed settings it writes them to the second file instead, so you never get your settings changed.

While I can't really comment on the lag situation as I'm in Europe close to the server and in the best case getting the ping close to 60 MS, I personally doubt disabling sounds will make that better, but hopefully you find a solution.

14. the-chaos,

I can no longer connect either through the web client or the Windows client. I get ping in the range of 440-500, but the client doesn't connect. also the qc setup download is exceedingly slow, like 5 - 25 kbps. it can't be my internet as I get speeds way above 50 mbps here.
edit: it works ok with vpn location set to Europe.

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15. Nikola,

not sure if this is also related to the mentioned problem or if you were aware of this happening, but there was a crash earlier today, January 23rd around 1 AM French time.
A similar thing also happened yesterday, around the same time as well, though the two crashes seemed different.
However, both times the Playroom recovered by itself.
in yesterday's crash, the website continued working, it would appear that the web client connects to the game server too since it said connection established, but didn't receive any data and the game toolbar was empty. On the other hand, the Windows client would get stuck on done reading headers, and it would continue playing the connection sound until you force close it, not even opening the service status page this time. After about 10 15 minutes, everything went back to normal.

Today, around 1 AM, the Playroom crashed. I was online at the time. I was playing Uno with super interceptions and a time limit of 4 seconds, and for a while it seemed like the old Uno crash returned. My Internet was really bad for a moment, and after my opponent played a wild and chose a color, it was my turn apparently but I couldn't do anything, and the time limit stopped going as well. For a while, I was able to receive data from the server and I could hear people enter and leave, but I couldn't really send any data, i.e shortcuts did not respond and I couldn't send chats either.
I tried opening the site while this was going on, and I received a message that Playroom is unavailable because of a maintenance operation. After about 10 minutes, this returned back to normal as well, though as soon as it did I could hear more than 20 messages of people from my friends list leaving and entering as well as other people reconnecting.
After this was over though, the Playroom continued working normally.

Hopefully these problems can be resolved.
Edit: The exact same crash happened tonight, and at the same time too, around 1:15 AM.
This time I wasn't in any game, but it was the same as described above, I was unable to send any data to the server for a while, occasionally it started working again and then stopped, the website said it was under a maintenance operation, and after about 10 minutes everything returned to normal again with that one exception of people being reported to constantly leave and enter the Playroom for about 30 seconds.

Edit 2: Definitely seems to be a daily occurance now, crash today at 1:10 AM as well for about 10 minutes. January 25th.

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16. supanut2000,

I can confirm this issue too; I experienced this in the early morning (Thailand time) for maybe 2 days in a row now.

17. Aeon ,


I am having same problem as @the-chaos described it above. When I connect to the Playroom with my wi-fi connected, the ping is in the range of 400 to 500ms. However, with hotspot it is well within the range of 190 to 240ms. I am unable to understand what is the cause of the mentioned problem. I am experiencing this lag since last week. First I thought it would resolve itself, but I still have lag, which is not allowing me to play most of the games.

Ps: I wonder, when I connect to Crazy Party's central server, I experience same situation as described above. Is it possible that my wi-fi having some kind of common problem with French servers?

Zuletzt geändert von Aeon , Jan 25 2022 00:56:58

18. Fawaz,

Isn't that question you're suppose to ask your ISP?
It is clear that server is not the issue since you are not having it on the hotspot and having it on cp too.

19. dj-mjd,

often, the further the server is from where you live, the slower the server's ping will die.
I didn't notice any problem with the ping, but yes, it often disconnects me from the server.
I think the server still has the hardware problem as announced by aminiel
have a good day.

20. Aeon ,

@Fawaz: True. I was planning to do that. However, everything else seems fine. I checked the performance via I am having problem only with these 2 servers, that's why I decided to ask here first.

21. Nikola, will always check your ping to the server that is closest to you. You should be able to choose a different one though, but getting lower ping results while testing via speed test is expected. The server is located in France as far as I know, so if you are far away you are going to have a higher ping.
Anyway it doesn't seem to be related to the Playroom downtime / crashes that everyone is experiencing regardless of the location.

22. the-chaos,

it isn't ISP. because we don't have the same ISP. I've had multiple people report facing the same connection issues, and the only thing we have in common is being in India.

23. Mmarina,

The individual disconnection is another issue that was present long ago and it's very random, so I don't believe this is related to the hardware issue.
But as stated, I understand how the issue is frustrating to many of you in India mostly, however I believe the issue here is with your ISP, not the playroom server. I just wanted to clarify this as it gets asked/ complained a lot whether on F4 or private messages.

24. Aeon ,

@Nikola: I agree about the location differences, but before last week the ping used to be in the range of 130 to 155ms. When I try to trace the exact location by using "Tracert", at a point of time it says request timed out.

@Mmarina: To be honest not really frustrated here. I posted on the forum to get responses and to check whether the problem is really at our end or is there some other problem.

25. Aminiel,


Did it occurs also today ?

Yesterday evening, we have made changes, with the hope that this daily slow down don't occurrs again, or at least, doesn't last so long.

26. Aeon ,

Hi Aminiel

The lag was reduced to 320ms for a while, but it went up to 450ms again.

27. Nikola,

the daily crash in fact did not occur yesterday at all, only when you were doing maintenance, but after that at the standard 1:10 AM time today it didn't crash and everything continued working normally for me.

Will report back if it happens again.

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