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1. ekarin,

Hello everyone, I'm having a little bit of a problem with the game's web client. That is, when I play a game like this one and the game freezes for android operating system only, now when we refresh the page to make it disappear, the game bounces back out of the room. I will come across like my friend Uno too, thank you for future edits.

2. Rizwan,

I also have this problam in my android mobile

3. ekarin,

Yes, when I use it with google chrome browser it freezes too.

4. Rizwan,

Its not the brouzer problam its the problam of the web clyant

5. Aminiel,


Why do you refresh ? Because you are normally not supposed to do it.
In fact it's perfectly normal that the connection is closed when you refresh, as it's technically the same as leaving and then coming back fresh again.

6. Dracula-Vampira,


I am not sure how relevant this is to above mentioned problems, but:

Especially on android devices the web client behaves pretty buggy. Overal it works, but sooner or later it causes the android browser or the whole device to lagg or crashes the browser. Not sure what exactly causes this, but it's probably related to history accumulation, number of reconnections and interactions (touching) with the chat history ("touching" something is very common while using a touch screen). So, sooner or later you simply have to refresh/restart the browser to make it behave normaly again. I didn't play any games for a while (and especially not on my phone), but i can imagine myself getting mad when the playroom crashes my phone browser and after i refresh to fix it, even the game would be completely lost.

Actually this is nothing new and I think I've already mentioned it somewhere some time ago. I also don't think this is browser specific - at certain period of time I used the android version of Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome and i feel it's maybe even worse (but not sure if that is only playroom's fault, Android Mozilla is somewhat less stable compared to Google Chrome). Other story is, that I am using the web client in a different way, than most of the others, since I am sighted (I use "display web for pc", since otherwise i am unable to scroll through any longer menu).

By the way, sometimes I also accidentally refresh a website by moving finger down while going up on the website (for example checking older messages in playroom history?). Or it also often refreshes, when I check some other app. Android devices are actually quite bad at multitasking, they throw out of the memory whatever they think you don't need anymore...

So not sure what exactly the situation is now, but I feel, that especially the first situation should be considered as technical problem rather than voluntary leaving, and if possible, I'd appreciate to be able to reconnect to continue the game or discussion at the table (or at least if I reconnect fast enough).

7. Aminiel,


I have made a few changes to the web client.

The speech history keeps 2047 instead of 32767 messages.
The 12 oldest messages are now deleted when the history zone reaches 128 messages.

You are still back on main room upon refresh, but I hope the change will help crash less often. Please tell me how it goes now.

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8. Dracula-Vampira,

Okay, I am in the middle of testing.

The history limit (deleting old messages) was observed and it definitely has an effect, so far I didn't manage to crash the phone browser completely nor reach a complete freeze. Huge history load definitely had a role in the crashing. Yet interacting with it still requires a lot of patience, as it behaves slowly, when I click on something, it might not activate and I need to tap on it again and so on.

Not sure what's this speech limit tho, probably something not observable for me. :)

By the way, even spontaneous connection loss and reconnection throws me back to the main room, and funny enough, when i switched to french while in game and then got disconnected-reconnected, it sent me back to the english section.

I guess the server currently cannot remember anything that happened in the session before disconnection (or maybe it cannot see the difference between logging out and disconnecting?).

I will continue testing and report if I spot something.

Edit: I left the phone with the web client running for a while and I reached the "The Chrome application not responding" message! Now it offers me to close the application or wait or send feedback, selecting wait leads to the message appearing again in a few seconds. That's basically what I call "crash", since it reached a point of no return - I need to restart the browser to continue using it.

So there's probably something else causing the phone browser overload (other than the message accumulation).

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9. Rizwan,

Sometime the game will hang when we refresh it the game will working with out any hang it happens in android mobiles and tablets so do anything

10. ashishchhetri,

If your phone hang, you can click clear history button from the browser. Dont press refresh button

11. Rizwan,

I have tested your changes but i don’t get any result the playroom hanging will not stop

12. ashishchhetri,

I am using samsung internet browser now. When my mobile did responce slowly, I click on clear history button then my mobile goes to normal after clicking clear history button.

13. Rizwan,

@ashishchhetri your idea is working for me Thanks
and thanks to all who are replied to me

14. Aminiel,


Thank you for your tests.

Can you try to disable sounds ? That's maybe another piece in the problem.

It looks like it's something specific to android, because I don't have any problem at all with my iPhone.

15. Rizwan,

You mean which sounds

16. Dracula-Vampira,

Rizwan: Open the web client -> Options -> Audio -> "mute" all that you can see there

Anyways, I muted everything in there at last. I had already muted the whole playroom website in my browser some time ago, so didn't think sounds could have any effect. The web client looked well for quite some time, running fast and nicely, and then I suddenly got into the laggy phase. So it might be another block, extending the time for which the web client can be used without refresh, yet we are probably still missing something.

I will test more and see, if I can reach the crash phase and maybe also play a bit with the "clear history" button.

By the way, it might be a good idea to introduce an option to set the history message limit from the user's side - it's clear, that while on mobile devices it's probably useful to have it lower, on desktop it may be even completely useless. :)

17. Rizwan,

My problam was solved now i refresh the page i don’t leave my table thanks for fix it

18. Aminiel,


@Dracula-Vampira: thank you for your tests. Don't hesitate to come back if you find any clue why those crashes would happen.
Customizing the size of the history buffer is a good idea as well.

19. Rizwan,

Hello I have found a new bug today when we leave the playroom it disconects to us but it appears other players rizwan awaylable main room

20. ekarin,

Everyone, first of all I have to say that I haven't read this column in a long time because I haven't been into the game very much today, and I would like to thank everyone for all the replies and corrections.

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