Notification sound bug

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1. Emrah20,

I have noticed, that notification is in low volume. But strange is, that volume is set to 100%.
It is problem of all notification sounds. Could You fix this bug please?
Thank You.

2. Nikola,

there are 2 volumes, sounds and notifications. Press F6 to switch to notifications, then with f8 make sure that is set to 100 as well.
Additionally, while in arcade mode, that is to say while playing games like Magic Blocks or 2048, by default, notification sounds are ducked and will have their volume lowered.
You can disable that from audio settings if you wish.
This assumes we are talking about the Windows client, not the web client. On the web client there is no arcade mode so this doesn't apply. Similarly on the Web client it's not F6, it is shift or CTRL plus F7 and F8, I forget at the moment, but nevertheless you can see and adjust all your audio volumes from audio options.

Finally, if none of that fixes the problem, which particular sounds are quiet for you?
At the moment for me everything seems to work as expected...

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