Problam in leave the playroom

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1. Rizwan,

Hi i have a problam in web clyant when i leave the Playroom, i don't actually leave. i am online for about 5 more minutes, and my friends see something like Rizwan available, friend
without main room or free table or anything after 5 minits it shows our friends like Rizwan has left the playroom why is this delay? Please fix it soon
thank you.

2. Dracula-Vampira,

Hello, I can indeed confirm this behavior. The web client probably doesn't tell to the server that you left.

By the way, are you using the web client on more devices?

Zuletzt geändert von Dracula-Vampira, Apr 17 2022 20:07:17

3. Rizwan,

@Dracula-Vampira no i am using only on my android mobile

4. Nikola,

this appears to be fixed in today's update.

5. Rizwan,

hi now everything is fine thanks for fix it

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