Annoying web client focus behavior in board games

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1. Nikola,

Hello there,
for a long time I wanted to report this, and hopefully you can get it fixed when you have some free time.

On the web client, in grid games, for example backgammon, every time somebody plays a turn, the board gains focus. This is normal if you have already been focused on it, but not if you were focused on the chat edit field.
For example, try to create a game of Backgammon, add two bots and let them play. Now, try writing a message in the chat. You will notice that it's pretty much impossible to chat here, because every time a move is made, your focus will move over to the board instead.
Normally, your focus shouldn't be forced on the board if it was away from the game section.
This bug can also be reproduced in other board games, such as Connect 4, Chess, and so on.


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