Duck racing musical duels - a possible bug report or just a misunderstanding

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1. Nikola,


so for a while now, I've noticed that musical duels in Duck racing work differently to other speed based duels, and I was wondering if this is a bug, or this is just how it's supposed to work. My second question here in particular seems completely illogical and definitely like a bug, but the first one can be a deliberate design choice:

  1. When playing, in a musical duel, no matter how much one person fails and spams the notes, the second person will not win the duel. In all other speed based duels, if I fail too much, eventually my opponent gets 2 feathers. Here however, I can fail as much as I want, only if both of us fail, this results in a draw duel in the end.
  2. Related to draw duels, it seems like in fact there is a limit on how much I can fail. If I answer incorrectly too many times, but then finally get the combination right, the game tells me that I answered correctly and plays the correct answer sound, however instead of any feathers being stolen, the duel is just draw. In other speed based duels, when I reach this limit of how much I can play, the game no longer allows me to continue guessing and instead plays a small ding sound letting me know that I can't try anymore, and the duel is in a few seconds finally over and my opponent wins. Here however, it seems like even after reaching the allowed limit, the notes just play normally and I can still give a correct answer, but it won't be counted. In fact, another thing that is completely possible and which happened to me multiple times, my opponent and I are both fast, and they get the answer right before me, but I still have about a second or two to play my notes, and here again, it's possible for me to get the answer right too, the game will say that the answer is right, but in fact my opponent wins and steals my feathers. In other duels, this is impossible. There too I have a few more seconds even after my opponent gives a correct answer, but unlike here, typing numbers at that point no longer counts.

Thanks for any clarifications and for creating this quite interesting duel.

Zuletzt geändert von Nikola, May 11 2022 21:09:14

2. Nightbird,

Hello, I have noticed it as well. However, I am fine on failing at the musical duels, maybe there should be a limit, yes, but not everyone knows how to solve these challenges, so the ammount of chances could be a little bigger than the chances to, for example, guess a number. And I find particularly annoying when one gets the answer right, yet the other person wins because they got it right before.

3. Aminiel,


Well done, both are bugs actually.

IF you fail after having entered too many notes, then your opponent should get two feathers, and you should hear a ding instead of the notes when it's too late, as in other duels.

I'll fix that soon. Thank you !

Zuletzt geändert von Aminiel, May 13 2022 20:56:03

4. Nikola,

Well, it's really a minor thing, so I guess I can write it in this topic too.

Something strange just broke today :)
so now, when two people meet in a duel, it says:
"Prince of persia meet in Computer rifik."

It doesn't say the duel type and also that two players are meeting in a duel as it did before.
Of course, Prince of Persia and Computer rifik are 2 bots.

For the original topic, thanks for confirming it's a bug.

Zuletzt geändert von Nikola, May 13 2022 22:56:51

5. Aminiel,


This is now fixed.

6. Nikola,


thank you very much.

I wanted to ask something else for a long time, and now that you implemented these rhythmic duels, it's a perfect opportunity.
The sound that these rhythmic duels play, play2, is for some reason extremely quiet on Safari, almost inaudible. In fact, I can hear it only if I turn my screen reader's speech off and increase the volume, so it definitely plays, it is just very quiet, so at first actually I thought that they don't work at all on the web client, but then later after switching to Windows and seeing the sound that is used I understood the problem.
This is the case in all games where it is used, like playing a piece in Dominos / move in Chess, or even when moving on the board in Duck racing.
It's also the case both on iOS and Mac, so you should be able to reproduce and notice this.

In fact, if I switch to Firefox or Chrome, everything works perfectly and I hear the sound normally, but that last point applies only on the Mac, on iOS it's quiet in all browsers.


7. Aminiel,


Isn't that related to audio attenuation ?

Have you tried to turn audio attenuation off ? You can find it in settings, and you may add it to the rotor.

8. Nikola,

do you mean audio ducking (VoiceOver lowering the volume while it is speaking)?
If so, that's turned off, but also this happens only with that one sound, other sounds have their normal volume.

9. Aminiel,

Aha, it's only with that particular sound ?
In this case it's maybe a problem with the MP4 or MP3 version, while the OGG one would be correct. Safari don't support OGG. I'll check that when I can.

Zuletzt geändert von Aminiel, May 15 2022 18:21:38

10. Nightbird,

Again related to the musical challenge, but not sure if to the other ones. I wasted all of my attempts to play the right notes against a bot (not sure if it being a bot makes a difference) and nor the bot nor me got the win, instead, the game froze. Kicking the bot did not work, pressing f11 did not work, even replacing a bot for a normal player did not work. If either me or the other player tried pressing enter to roll the die, it would tell both of us that it's not our turn, making the game unplayable. I know there was another topic about the game freezing, but since this one is been taken care of and it is probably related to the musical challenge, I decided to post it here.

11. Lemonade,

Here's something else challenge related, but then with the duck counting. I've noticed that the pitch/speed of the ducks is not always the same. Now I've lost my fair share of duck counting duels, but that was almost Always when the ducks were going lower/slower than normal. I would occasionally ask the people who I was playing against what the speed of the ducks was (including people with perfect pitch), and they would say they went at the normal speed for them. Of course, the reverse has also happened, where the other player said they basically had no opportunity to react at all.

In other words, if my theory is correct, sometimes one person gets slower ducks than the other, and they are obviously at quite a disadvantage. It's definitely not Always the same person across multiple duels, so the disadvantage is sometimes for one person and sometimes for the other. This means that across an entire game, the impact is not all that large, but if possible, it would be better if both players Always get ducks at the same speed. Could this be looked into?

12. Nightbird,

Seems the music duel was not totally solved. My opponent had it right yet the game said it is a draw. Nothing else to add to it I think.

13. Aminiel,

Game freeze in musical duel when you lose against a bot is now fixed.

14. Aminiel,


Lemonade, well done, there was effectively a bug with pitch in duck counting challenge.
The pitch was selected at random for each player, rather than only once for the whole challenge. This is now fixed and the pitch/speed should now always be the same for both players.

The pitch/speed can be a little lower or higher than normal and this is wanted, in order to make the challenge slightly easier or harder. But now it is the same pitch for everybody.

Thank you very much for signaling this one !

15. Nikola,

Hello there,

I have one small suggestion and a small bug report as well regarding the 2 new duels.

First the bug report. In a rhythmic duel, if you lose against somebody, the Playroom says:
"The correct answer was null."
it's not a huge thing since everything continues to work normally, but I believe that shouldn't be displayed.

For the suggestion, it is about the secret code duel.
It can happen that I win the duel just because my opponent failed too many times, and thus I steal 2 feathers, which is completely fine. However, often, I would still like to know what the correct code was, but in such a situation the Playroom doesn't tell you. Could you fix this so that the correct code is always displayed as long as you didn't win the duel by guessing the code yourself?

16. Nightbird,

Also suggestions, I was thinking that it would be cool to add more modes in the musical challenge, such as playing the notes backwards, or maybe, if a chord would play and you would need to play the notes it contains.

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