general playroom problem

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1. meow,

for example i didn't click any button, like ctrl plus f, t, or i didn't type any message for a long time, like 5 or 10 minutes, when i do again, my nvda isn't telling anything, but i'm seeing table messages or another notifications, if i make button spamm i'm returning normal, i mean all thing working good, what is this problem, how can i fix this, my playroom is last version

2. Nikola,

I don't think you can.
I have no idea why this happens, but I know what you are talking about, although for me it is slightly different. I should however note that this is nothing new, it was happening before the April update, and even before the V3.

Indeed, if I am on a table, and especially if this table is not very active for about 5 10 minutes and I am doing nothing as well, after enough time passes, pressing W, or any key really that requires a response from the server does absolutely nothing. I've noticed that actually it works perfectly fine, I can send data, if I send a chat message people will receive it, but my client receives no data at all from the server. I don't need to spam anything though, as soon as a key has been pressed or I send some data, I just need to wait about a minute or two, and then my client recovers and I receive all the data that was sent so far in one huge flood of messages.

The only annoying thing is that if you encounter this bug, and don't notice that it actually happened and do nothing for about 10 more minutes, you are probably going to completely leave the table and the Playroom because the server thinks you have been disconnected and kicks you out, and thus miss any messages people pootentially sent to you.

I've never reported this in detail partially because something else I have noticed, if I leave both Playroom and RSGames opened at the same time, when the Playroom encounters this bug, the exact same thing will happen on RSGames too so I was always under the assumption that it had something to do with certain Internet connections. It's one of those bugs that I hope would get resolved one day. It's actually especially annoying in arcade games, because while you are playing a game, you are not sending any data at all, so let's imagine you have been playing magic blocks for 10 minutes and have encountered this bug. Well, once the game is over, the game will have trouble sending the score. If the server didn't kick you out already, it's fine, you just need to wait a few minutes and the score will eventually get sent and you can quit the game. However, if it did, it's much more problematic, because now the client will reconnect to the main room, and not only will the score not be sent, you are also completely stuck in a crashed arcade mode now and have to restart the client.
Thus, now I've developed a habit of typing a chat message while playing an arcade game every few minutes to avoid this happening, because indeed if you are constantly sending as well as receiving data, everything is completely fine and this will never happen.
I also have an assumption that it never happens if you are constantly receiving data either, because while in main room, this rarely happens, I assume because I am constantly receiving global messages there. It happens only at night, probably because the main room is much less active and there are periods where nothing happens.
It seems to be the case only when nothing is going on for a while, both in terms of sending and receiving data.

3. meow,

thanks friend hahaha

4. omeed,

The problem is now far mor annoying. for me, the playroom stops working after even two minutes of inactivity, and I have to terminate the QCGC process in the task manager and log in to be able to return to what I was doing before the problem occured. It's really a terrible thing, especially for someone like me who listens to music here or simply does his translation work while sitting at a free table. I would be really grateful if something could be done for this.

5. Naman,

I am facing the same issue with the windows client as omeed stated above, I guess it's my metered Internet connection as I am travvaling and using hotspot to connect to the playroom. lets see if it fixs after I return to wifi.

6. omeed,

Naman, I'm writing to let you know that the problem got resolved for me without any intervention on my part. It seems to me that it's been a server-side issue. Please let me and others here know whether you're still facing the issue. Thanks.

7. imprisonedindarkness,

I also have this problem with my windows client. The last time was just this morning. However in my case, when I close it via alt+f4, the client would crash, saying that the program has stopped responding. So I force close it. When I click the icon to start the client again, the program would totally not work, as in, it would no longer run. I have to restart my computer just to make it act normal again.

There are also some cases that I would notice the client downloading an update via my web browser after I did the routine above, but the download would always fail. Take note, my client is updated. You won't notice that automatic download though if the download page of your browser isn't open. So I was suspicious of the windows client for a time, thinking the playroom was installing something dangerous in my system. Yet, I could not bear to uninstall it.

8. Nightbird,

For the problem you mention, I would suggest going to the task manager and closing qcgc from there. That should fix the issue.

9. imprisonedindarkness,

Alright, nightbird, I'll do as you say whenever it happens. Thank you for that.

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