A major bug with Duck racing, occasional game crash with frozen players

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1. Nikola,


there is one bug in Duck racing, which was always happening, but originally I thought it only happens when you use the shift P accidental feature :)
well, it turns out it happens even without doing that, so I will try to explain.
Sometimes, if a player is frozen, the timer of the game is completely broken. What I mean by this is that turns happen one after the other immediately, as if there was no short timer at all and it all goes extremely quickly. Well, this creates one huge crash, and here is my history with some comments:

It's your turn.
You use a card Long absence on baileys.
Skip 2 turns
You throw the die: 5
You advance 5 squares.
Square #27: Sandbox
Why not play a little?
Everyone passes their hand to their neighbor.
It's baileys's turn.
baileys's turn is skipped.
It's your turn.
You use a card Challenge on baileys.
Nikola and baileys meet in math duel.
What is 20 divided by 10?
Right answer!
You win!
You steal 2 feathers from baileys.
baileys is completely naked!
Cold is taking over baileys's body...
You throw the die: 4
You advance 4 squares.
Lap 2 out of 5.
Square #1: On the line
So close, and so far away...
You get 1 feathers.
It's baileys's turn.
baileys is frozen!
//Here is when the timer breaks. Turns happen one after the other right away with no pause at all.
It's your turn.
You throw the die: 6
You fly over square Forest edge: Take 1 feathers
You get 1 feathers.
You advance 6 squares.
Square #7: Ducklings' nest
A question will be asked for 5 feathers in category Cooking and gastronomy.
Jarlsberg cheese comes from which country?
It's baileys's turn.
//It's her turn here, but actually the timer for the question didn't expire, rather there was no timer at all and the question was completely skipped without any opportunity to answer it.
baileys is frozen!
It's your turn.
//Now we have the crash. I can't play at all, because the game still thinks we are supposed to answer a quiz question.
// If I do f11 to resinchronize, I get the quiz question again, but unfortunately pressing enter on any answer simply does nothing and returns me to my list of cards.
It isn't your turn.
//That's what happens if I try to roll a die. The game is essentially now completely stuck with no way to move forward. Even if I wait a while, nothing is different and it's impossible to play after this.

Hope that helps explain the bug. It seems to especially happen often if your opponent needs to skip a few turns, and you get them frozen by winning a duel at this point, and then you roll a die in such a way as to advance to either 7 or 20 and cause a question to appear.

2. meutwo,

exactly the same bugg I encountered yesterday

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