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Introduce yourself and meet new friends (~LabelOngoing~)

console 329 kaiba,

Views and opinions regarding current situation of the playroom English forum

Marina 36 Marina,

Share your self-made website

Trung 1 Nikola,

Blind people play piano and other musical instruments

hoanganh2013 16 Darkwolf,

Graphic Audio and their music?

Eithan 10 Eithan,

Life as a blind person. Tips, tricks...

TheDreamer 71 glad,


Arceus 50 glad,

Does Hoang Sa Island belong to Vietnam or China?

hoanganh2013 2 Marina,

vocalizer Expressive

hoanganh2013 11 CaptainMcOi,

Hello from sweden

stina1981 2 CaptainMcOi,

Let's share cool AI (~LabelOngoing~)

davidhs1200 18 glad,

tell your joke

Arceus 12 glad,

Book recommendation

davidhs1200 5 davidhs1200,

Unique and Inclusive Accessibility Features at Universities Across the World

dragonite 3 glad,

game for the blind

hoanganh2013 17 glad,

question about landing in eurofly3

ibraheemmohsen 0 ibraheemmohsen,

game for the blind

thanh12 12 Nikola,

Fun IOS Games For The Blind (~LabelNew~)

Elinoria 7 GeorgeWu,

Need help eurofly 2.

thanh12 4 medhansh,

are there audio games like gta?

davidhs1200 3 hoanganh2013,

game for the blind on computer

hoanganh2013 33 Mohammedradwan2003,

Thinking about creating a steam account: can you convince me?

Anya_Kristen 3 Jonathan859,

streaming google drive links in playroom (~LabelAccepted~)

sky360 10 Fawaz,

how to streem radio for free

davidhs1200 0 davidhs1200,

Players birthday celebrations

Negar 221 GeorgeWu,

unreal tournimant game

Alan1003 30 Marina,

acceseble apps or software.

glad 8 glad,

fun games with little or no equipment

sky360 20 medhansh,

Thanks Aminiel

ikramy 20 medhansh,

My new podcast, in English language

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

What's your favourite song? (~LabelNew~)

Quintin-Dziadkiewicz 56 Negar,

Express yourself.

Arceus 66 glad,

Coca and Pepsi are two types of addictive drugs

hoanganh2013 19 thanh12,

Urgent: sighted help needed

Aminiel 46 Nikola,

game orna

eden44 0 eden44,

Contact to Afik Souffir

Emrah20 3 CaptainMcOi,

how to install the game bc?

davidhs1200 8 Geralt,

new duck racing chalange idea word replica (~LabelRefused~)

glad 4 glad,

adding file sharing support in perminent messages and in free tables if possible. (~LabelRefused~)

glad 4 glad,

questions related to stw.

glad 6 glad,

adding sports games to playroom

glad 13 glad,

New game idea. Snakes and latters

wolfi 12 GeorgeWu,

Low budget Smart watches for visually challenged

girmit 0 girmit,


Quintin-Dziadkiewicz 6 Something,

Scientiffic resources. Can you help me with your experiences?

gfriha 21 console,

A telegram bot that converts YouTube links

ibraheemmohsen 2 Mohammedradwan2003,

tt media bot (~LabelSolved~)

wolfi 2 wolfi,

I need an easy programming language to build audio games

davidhs1200 20 Rory101,

Reflections on the Life and Teachings of Imam al-Mahdi (Qa'im) on the Occasion of Laylat al-Bara'ah (~LabelDone~)

Aidin 17 Marina,

how can i redirect on eurofly 3? (~LabelTrash~)

hoanganh2013 0 hoanganh2013,

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