your favorite games on qc

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31. DeepakBalaji,

Farkle and Duck rasing. I love Free table it will helps us to connect with our friends!

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32. unolover,

I love quizparty as well

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33. GeorgeWu,

@Unolover quizz*

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34. Emerald,

@GeorgeWu she was right with spelling though? I don’t understand. Stop targeting and stick to the original topic of the post please.

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35. aayushi,

This is only a fun conversation just to know each other. Pleaze if possible don't argue hear. if you want to correct please pm. Its just a fun topics. Pleaze no arguments.

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36. Emerald,

Yes aggree and sorry. That was just what i wanted to say.
Anyways if anyone wants to play scrabble please inbox or find me. Happy to teach/play etc.

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37. GeorgeWu,

o sorry.

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38. aayushi,

Its ok we are all friends hear. no hard fealings.

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39. Musfikul_hasnat_shiam,

I like duck rasing and farcle.

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40. Emrah20,

I love many games here, but My favourites here are:
1000 miles, Monopoly, Golf, 99, Rummy, Hold M, Farkle, Quiz party, Duck racing.
I sometimes use free table to discuss with other people.

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41. HeadphoneJack,

my favorite would be ninety nine, cribbage, fives and threes, zanzibar, spades, tysiacha, in no particular order. I've recently started playing scrabble as well and have been enjoying it more than I expected..

I also really enjoy games aminiel has made or improved on. Ninety nine is little more than a children's counting game in real life, but you'd hardly guess from the qc version. Scientific war is all kinds of fun and makes your head hurt after a while. If you ever want to play something similar to it in real life GOPS (game of pure strategy) captures most of its feel but is much more simple (and boring depending on how much special cards matter to you). Duck's racing is also fun and well designed.

I've also recently tried scopone version of scopa here and I find it's lots of fun in two teams of two.

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42. ALI.alsaqer,

hi, I love Uno, Uno are the best. What do you think about Uno?

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43. aayushi,

Its fun with interseptions. I love it.

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